Sunday, June 21, 2015

Re-Organize & Re-Prioritize!!


1) I love my work but it must not exceed the allocated hours ... full-stop no buts!

2) My home's grown into a total mess, it's giving me the headaches!  A regular cleaning & tidying must be in order! 

3) I'm piling on the weight ... time to get on the exercise regime.

4) Miss Red's piling on the dust ... time to get it on the road!

5) My diabetic control is off-the-chart ... time for regular home-cooked meals.

6) My library needs new books to sustain my personal development.  Time to visit the bookstores.

7) My blog died!  Time to give it CPR!

8) My social life is getting zilched!  Girlfriends, where are you?!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chap Goh Mei!

Today is Chap Goh Mei ... the 15th and final day of the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

It is so quick ... just a blink of the eyes.

Coincidentally my Aussie Boss is in town today.  It is what I call an Office Day ... a day when my entire team of freelancers gather at the office to work and bond with one another.  Most days we work from home.

So today we're going to expose our Boss to the art of 'Lou Sang!' ... the tossing of Yee Sang for increased business opportunities, better health, more wealth, safe travels and good relationships among the team members and clients.

A plate of Yee Sang usually consist of julienned white radish, carrots, turnips and key-lime leaves with red pickled ginger, sun-dried oranges, chopped Chinese parsley, chopped peanuts, sesame seeds along with a packet of crispy crackers and some spices to mix them all up.  There are other combinations offered in the market though. This dish is eaten with treated raw fish such as salmon, abalone od jellyfish.

Been a great year working with my Aussie Boss and the team.  Here's looking ahead to more successful years together.

Gong Xi!  Gong Xi!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcoming The Lunar New Year 2015!

Another year gone by, another year begins with new hopes and aspirations.

Today is the Chinese Lunar New Year with millions of Chinese around the world celebrating and ushering in the Year of the Goat ... the 8th animal in the Chinese Zodiac.

Wishing everyone ... family, kins and friends ... near and far ... GONG XI FA CAI!  A year of peace, prosperity and merriment!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Third Time's A Charm!

After such a rocky first attempt, I put another try to get my homemade loaf looking and tasting more decent than before.  Second cry had a slight improvement but still quite difficult to be eaten.  So it ended up into something else ... a bread pudding!

2nd Attempt Loaf
Frankly bread pudding just ain't my thing but it does taste good though for a first try.  It took 2 days to finish. All the extra calories just to recycle my not-so-successful loaf.

Bread Pudding
Just made my third attempt last Saturday and this time it turned out right.  Third time's a charm!
Now I guess I've passed baking my own bread ... a baguette at that!
Finally ... 3rd's a charm!
Next I want to try baking buns ... yup next try my sis' special 'Siew Pau' or BBQ Pork Roast Buns!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My First Loaf ...

My lo kong is not the type to insist that I must cook up his favorite food.  However, many a times he did suggest that I should try baking homemade bread for a healthier diet.

As quick solution, I had thought of buying a breadmaker.  But on second thought, lo kong might be right that it will end up as a decor item ... much like most of my other kitchen utensils.

With a bad hand at baking, I had put off baking my first loaf for a very long time until recently when I found a simple to follow recipe which was demonstrated by a 4 year old.  Yup ... you heard right!

So, how can I go wrong when a 4 year old can do it right?

Since I had all the ingredients in the kitchen, I followed the recipe and steps to the T.  Next was to allow it to stand overnight so that the yeast will activate.

Each time I popped into the kitchen, I'd peer into the mixing bowl to check for any reaction.  Hmmm ... nothing.  Next morning ... still nothing.  Why???

After almost 24 hours and despite my gut feel that the dough will not work, I still popped it into the oven.  Naturally, there was no bread for the day. 

My first loaf is a rock!!!