Saturday, February 28, 2009

Laughter In My Bubble ...

Hey Friends!
I may be away ... actually on my way home today ...
It should not stop you from smiling, right?
Have I done the trick??


Friday, February 27, 2009

In My Bubble of Gratitude ...


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Laughter Inside My Bubble ...

I intend to put a smile on your face today ...
So you can actually laugh at me ... is it working???



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poetry In My Bubble ...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laughter Inside My Bubble ...

Another day, another joke ...
I want to put a smile on your face ...

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

For the next 5 days, I will not be sitting in front of my computer blogging. Not sadly, but very excitedly as I set off to East Malaysia tomorrow morning for a short holiday. Anyhow, I have scheduled small little entries for each day that I'm away for your reading pleasure.

Come Wednesday, Ray and me will be scaling Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Southeast Asia. Situated in Sabah, also known as 'The Land Below The Wind' on the island of Borneo, Mount Kinabalu is located within a UNESCO world-heritage site, Kinabalu National Park where aside from enjoying nature's beauty at its best, the ultimate goal is to reach the summit and claim the immeasurable prize from heaven, a breathtaking sunrise from above the clouds at 13,435 feet above sea level.

Despite the controversies over the management and over-priced accommodation at the site, many from the world over, have visited and climbed this supposedly climber-friendly mountain. However, a booking to climb the mountain had to be made months ahead due to the limitation on the number of climbers each day. We will have to overnight at the half-way mark to the summit, Laban Rata Resthouse, which charges RM330 per person a night. Our air-fare on budget airline, AirAsia cost us RM350 which could have been cheaper with their recent free seats promotion, had the arrangement for the climb been more flexible.

Rock ClimberFrom the many tales we've heard and read, we are looking forward to the trip with both trepidation and excitement. Will we both make it to the summit together and claim that ethereal prize from heaven, or only one of us shall champion or ... none???

Ahhhhhh ... wait till we're back this Saturday and read all about it, fresh and hot from the oven, over your Sunday breakfast on my blog here. See y'all!!! Wish us luck!!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

In My Bubble of Gratitude ...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Laughter Inside My Bubble ...

Smile and laugh more often!
If you could try ... make at least 3 people whom you've come across today, to burst into laughter ... either with you or at you ... it just doesn't matter!

Well ... if anyone were to ask me the same question now ...
I'd give the same answer ... "NOTHING"

... LOL!!!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Law of Attraction: Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

Do you need a good laugh?
Mardi Gras 2Why is it good to laugh?

Just to recap one of my posts last year, 'Accelerate Through Humour', laughter is a powerful tool at your disposal that can accelerate your desires in the Law of Attraction. It is very healing to your mind and body as it relieves you of stress, anger, sadness or even hatred, some may say. Alot of positive energy goes into laughing, to clean and clear away any emotional and physical tensions. A good laugh will unclutter your mind, even if it is only for brief instances, to allow you some space to be creative. Laughter is extremely beneficial to you and me.

Indeed everyone needs a good laugh every day ... as you would have heard many times before, "Laughter is the best medicine!" So start to accelerate your desires with laughter right away! Integrate a little bit of humor into your life each day and while you're at it, help others along the way too. Try to make at least 3 persons to laugh each day!

This is a jest I love to share for today:


Today, inside my bubble ...

It's Friday Nick had to leave for the church's Emmaus Weekend today at 2.15 pm. A weekend retreat arranged by the church for young Catholics reaching adulthood, in order to prepare them for the Sacrament of Confirmation on 24 May 2009. I just realised it's a day after his 18th Birthday. This weekend will be an important time for him to appreciate the gospel values and attitudes and to understand the needs of today's Christians. Nick'll be incommunicado for the next 3 days because he's not allowed to bring his handphone ... neither are the participants allowed any other gadgets ... no mp3 ... no mp4 ... no psp or anything of the likes.
I hope this weekend retreat will do him alot of good, preparing him towards a Catholic life. Dropped him off quite early just now ... at about 1.35 pm.

Before dropping him off at the church, we had a hearty family lunch at a nice cafe just next door to the church called 'Pick n Brew'. This is my 3rd visit to the cafe and the first for Ray & Nick. For this month of February, they are having a pasta promotion where any order from the pasta menu will entitled you to a complimentary coffee, tea or iced-lemon tea. Ray who decided to join us only at the last minute, had reached about 10 minutes earlier and ordered the Angelhair Marinara. As I normally do, Nick will be convinced by me to order the food of my choice and this time it's the Spaghetti Vongole. Myself ... I had Penne Carbonara but ended up exchanging it with Nick half-way through.

Arghhhhhh! I'm still so full from that heavy lunch!
Not to mention that I've been feeling very very sleepy since lunch time!
That's exactly why I always skipped lunch ..
Now I think I'll probably have to skip dinner ...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Law of Attraction: The Power of Suggestion

Heterosuggestion means suggestions received from someone else. For all ages throughout the world, the power of suggestion dominates our daily lives. Religious beliefs, customary traditions, political creed and even our self-value. Suggestions is a powerful tool that can be used to control another. Used in good faith, it will be a very useful tool to manage, discipline and develop any individual. However, in its negative form, it can be a very destructive tool, to the extent of undermining or crippling individuality.

Check out this presentation below which I had just received from a friend, Gilbert.

Once you have understand the power of suggestion, you will be aware of the heterosuggestions that are operating on you right now. You have the choice not to accept any suggestions that are detrimental to you. Remember, heterosuggestions have no power over you, unless you give in to them.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Law of Attraction: Attracting A Good & Vibrant Health ...

Yesterday night, I was really on a roll, checking up on as many of my friends’ blogs as possible. I popped into one, then another and another until I reached Clarisse Teagen’s blog, The Gentle Snail. I was surprised that she had not recovered from her bouts of sickness since the last time I dropped by, in fact she kinda sounded worst than before. Anyway this morning, I’m glad to hear that she has since recovered tremendously after a good night’s rest. When I first read her blog, I actually likened her blog to a breath of fresh air. So, it’s no good to hear her so badly under the weather. I hope when she reads this post, she will be able to use it to help herself towards a more vibrant health.

God gave you an incredible machine that can do miraculous things. That’s your body and mind. Like any machine, as with a car for instance, your body and mind require the constant attention to maintain its full functions for good health. Achieving a good and vibrant health is very important in life. It’s one of the keys to happiness, a feeling of contentment when your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health are in harmony.

Have you defined what kind of health you really want? How do you intend to approach your journey to a good and vibrant health?

Your mind is God’s amazing gift that allows you the ability to exert conscious control over your thoughts and emotions. The Law of attraction says that all your thoughts, the images in your mind as well as the feelings connected to your thoughts will manifest into your reality sooner or later. If you picture yourself living a healthy life and continuously think of a healthy happy life, that’s what you are going to attract. The universe will rearrange itself to deliver to you what you desire.

Your thoughts and emotions are vibrating energies that you send out into the universe. Learning to control these vibrations is important in creating or destroying whatever things that are in existence in your life right now. So, be conscious of the state of your thoughts and emotions and the related vibes you are generating. Start your approach in your journey towards a good and vibrant health by following these steps:

  • Clarity of your expected health
    If you want to be free of diabetes or heal from its damages, then your goal would be to live a life free of medication, insulin injections or a constant monitoring of your glucose level. If you want to be free of arthritis, then your goal would be to live pain free, or to be able to do whatever it is that your arthritis is keeping you from doing. Defined the goal you are looking for such as being free of cancer, having full use of an injured leg, breathing freely without the labor of asthma attacks and so on.

  • Focus on your desired goal
    Don’t dwell in your pain. Forget about the current discomfort. Look into the future. Live your life as if you have already gained the health you have always wanted. Don’t focus on how you’re going to get there. Just focus on the end result.

  • Allow it to happened through your actions
    This is an important part of the process to generate the appropriate vibrating energies to the universe. Don’t allow fear to create negative vibes in you and limit your actions. Start to listen to your own intuition and follow your instincts. When negative thoughts surface, just say "No" and create a new vision of you living a good and vibrant health.

Before the Law of Attraction can work for you, you need to realize that you are merely tapping into your own mind power to manifest your desires. You believe in that powerful gift within you to determine the way you want to live. Next, change the way you think now and live in harmony with life’s beauty like the sunrise or sunsets or the twinkling stars in the clear night skies. Enjoy every bit of your life’s journey for there’s only one chance for success. By then, you would have allowed the universe to lead you towards your desired end result.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

I've just received my 1000th visitor to my blog.

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
Yes, it a great achievement by my own standard.
Thanks to all my friends and readers worldwide.
All of YOU truly motivate me!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

In My Bubble of Gratitude ...

Wasn't feeling too well when I woke up this morning. So I've taken a day's off on medical leave. Being kinda groggy after medication, I decided to catch-up with some of my followers. Seriously, I'm so disorganised ... I've been missing out on some old friends' happenings on their blogs.

Cynthia Zirkwitz of, was one of my earliest friends made online. I'm so glad I popped into her blog today and guess what an inspiring post I found there, The Gratitude Attitude of Patrick Henry Hughes. Please check it out and I'm sure you'll understand the true meaning of GRATITUDE.


WidgetBucks: Is It Worth Trying Out?

Trying to monetise my blog is a very tough, time-consuming effort. But looking on the bright side … hey! you’ll never ceased to be amazed at the various money-making opportunities out there. Everybody’s into making money online nowadays. Well, can’t deny that the internet is the greatest invention of all time, right? However, just a word of caution, don’t take every new discovery and the reviews at face value. As there are endless opportunities, there are also equally as many scams out there. I will always remember the advices from Cascia of and Betty of Take heed and do your homework first. Don’t be shy to seek advice and feedbacks from your own trusted sources.

Anyway, back to what I was about to pen down … I stumbled yet again on another avenue to monetise your blog. I believe many of my readers and followers who are Blog Catalog members would definitely have notice this widget on their dashboard:

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Checking out the site, WidgetBucks is a shopping widget that you can place on your website or blog. You earn money every time someone clicks on it. WidgetBucks was officially launched in end-2007 and heralds itself as the ultimate Google AdSense alternative, causing a stir around the webmaster community with its aggressive, anti-AdSense advertising campaign, and promise of high click payoffs. Yet, Widgetbucks and AdSense can co-exist on the same page, so long as they are distinguishable from each other when placed on the same page.

There are 3 ways to make money from WidgetBucks which is;

1. CPC or Cost-Per-Click or otherwise known as Pay-Per-Click ads. Each time a user from their listed countries clicks on a WidgetBucks ad widget on your site, you get paid. The widgets tap into merchandise from over 30,000 retailers, including Amazon,, Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and the Gap. WidgetBucks shares the cost-per-click revenue with bloggers, promising the equivalent of $3 to $6 CPMs.

2. CPM or Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions. When a user views a CPM ad from one of WidgetBucks’ ad partners either as an initial view prior to the widget loading, or from outside the listed countries, you earn revenue. You can check out the listed countries from their site.

3. Then you have ‘Referrals’. Whenever you refer a new WidgetBucks user, you will receive a 15 percent referral fee based on the commissions earned by the people you refer. You'll receive this 15 percent for the full 12 months after the new member joins. So, if you refer someone, and they make $100 in commissions, you get $15; if they make $1,000, you earn $150. This continues for a whole year on all the commissions they earn.

How much you earn for CPC and CPM ads depends largely on your site's traffic and content. For international CPM ads, the CPM rate varies by region from around the world. Payments are made in US Dollars and 45 days after the end of each month, if the account has a balance of at least $50. Payments can be made through PayPal or by cheques.

Just quite recently, WidgetBucks launched their new ad optimization technology called Yield Sense. The icon is called Yieldy.

It’s suppose to help you maximize your earnings whereby it auto-analyse the highest WidgetBucks ad content for an affiliate’s site so that they do not have to worry about testing. It’s purpose to increase the eCPMs to your website or blog.

Based on some positive reviews I read online, I have mustered some confidence in WidgetBucks and signed up. You’d probably seen the widget here on my blog already. I don’t know if you find my post to be helpful but most importantly, I would suggest that you check out their site and research about WidgetBucks for yourself before signing up!

Happy Monetizing!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

I must!
I must share this proof of the Law of Attraction at work!
It's fresh ... something that just happened 2 hours' ago!
Of course, it is not something positive ... but rather regretfully, negative.

Nick is currently undertaking driving lessons to obtain his driving licence. As usual, maternal anxieties goes into overdrive ... I worry about his safety when he starts driving on his own imminently. Then as usual ... with all impressionable youngsters, he expresses great hopes to have his own car upon obtaining his driving licence.

No! No! No! He has to share 'My Kembara' for at least a year!
My reason ... when he bumps or scratches or dents the car, I won't feel so much pain, cos' it's an old car. We were just talking about it again this morning on our way to church. In a way, I guess I've already set in my mind that he will probably condemn my car to the junkyard.

As I was sending him to work at the local gym just awhile ago, a lady in a BMW gave my bumper ... my unblemished bumper ... a kiss! We were at a roundabout, waiting for the oncoming cars to clear. Where or what was she looking at since obviously she had not been paying attention to the front! Fortunately, it's just a bumper to bumper, nothing too serious.

Well, there goes to show "like attracts like" ... I had focused my attention on the negative and the negative is what I get!
Shy Whistler Ouch!!!


Law of Attraction: You Get What You Think ...

One of the toughest responsibility of human resource is to terminate an employee. Despite whatever justifications, it is always with a heavy heart to see them leave in such unfavourable circumstances.

Just last month, an employee who had served the company for 10 years was given the boot. It was unbelievable that he should end his career with the company in such manner. Whatever caused his predicament, he cannot deny that he alone must bear the full responsibility. All the others, whether directly or indirectly involved, are just contributors with similar thoughts who have harmonised with him. The universe merely moved to organise them together, paving the way for cause and effect to run its course.

Again on Friday, another employee had to be dismissed due to unsatisfactory work performance. She had been with the company for about 9 months now but despite repeated counselling, she had not made any concerted efforts to grow along the company's expectations. It's sad!

These days, talks of the imminent economic slump is practically everywhere. Everyone seems to have something to share about it. The majority prefers to lament about it, worrying about the challenges that may be coming their way. This is just a plain invitation for the worst for themselves!

Personally, I feel this should the time to start reconsidering what are our priorities in life and take the cue to transform ourselves. For those still with a job to hold onto, don't get complacent. Re-engineer yourselves to stay ahead, fully energised positively to face any challenges. For the unfortunate who had already been laid-off, don't sit around lamenting about your plight. Channel your attention and energy into expressing gratitude. Through an appreciation of your NOW, you will then be able to reinvent for a better future. Where you focus your attention, your energy flows and the results will be as you think it to be.

Anyway, while I was reading up on the internet to improve my knowledge on the Law of Attraction, I came across this article The Law of Attraction at Work - If You Think You Can & You Think You Can't, You're Right which I found to be an ideal read with regards to the global obsession about the economic climate and the varying degrees of anxieties over the loss of employment.

Dear friends and readers, I hope you'll enjoy this above article written by Madisen Harper, a career consultant and author.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day To My Honey!

valentines day honey Pictures, Images and Photos
I Love You Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Valentine's Day To All Friends & Readers!

Happy Valentine's Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, February 13, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

It's Friday Another week just slip by ... time really flies. Well, I'm off to another great weekend. A busy one though. For a start ... Clubbing Tonight!
Tomorrow's Valentine's Day ... Valentine present
Hmmmmm ... wonder what's Ray and Nick up to???

This Sunday, Ray will be going for his running competition while Nick and me will be heading to church ... Sunday Mass, Sunday School and a little parents-fundraising meeting to raise funds for a 3-day retreat scheduled for would-be confirmants or Chrismation which Catholics pass in the process of their religious upbringing. Nick's one of them!
Angel 2Never expected myself to be involved in such activities. This' my first but surely will not be the last!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

ClixSense: Get Paid For Viewing Ads ...

MySpaceI am almost giving up on ClixSense to ever generate any sort of income for me!

After reading mixed reviews from other members, I'm still uncertain if this ClixSense will actually work for me. So far, I've only earned US$0.01 for a referral since I signed up on Jan 17. Everytime, I go to the 'Browse Ads $$', it shows 'No Clix Found - Only displaying listings matching your profile settings. There are no listings that you have not already seen.' So far, all I could do is to play the game 'ClixGrid' which is a total waste of time.

They seemed to encourage an upgrade to their premium membership at a fee of US$10 in order to allow me the full access. 'You do not have a "premium" account. You will not be able to see all listings. Upgrade to a premium account to access more advertisements. Currently there are 525 "premium-only" ads available.'

Is this some sort of gimmick to get us to part with our US$10? If there are a million surfers out there who upgrade as encouraged, I guess they'll be earning US$10 million into their coffer. Can you imagine how many surfers are out there today ... worldwide? It's even more suspicious when I read that one blogger's membership was cancelled when he raised this exact grievance in his blog.

Anyway, I have yet to make up my mind on the upgrade. If there are any friends out there, currently enjoying some decent income from ClixSense, please do spare me some advice. Is it worthwhile to carry on with this supposedly money-making avenue? US$10 is not much ... it's the fruitless waste of time that I'm very concern about.

The latest update from ClixSense mentioned that they will be launching a new product soon which is 'Get Paid For Reading Emails'. Interesting huh?


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Poem For My Valentine ...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Law of Attraction: Manifest A Long Lasting Relationship ...

i love you :] Pictures, Images and Photos It doesn't matter at all! Young or old! It's time to get excited again cos' Valentine's Day is just a few days' away. So what surprises are you cooking up for your dearly beloved this weekend? A romantic candle-lit dinner for two at a fancy restaurant or a quiet evening at home just the two of you, watching romantic classics ... Gone With The Wind or Casablanca or the more current, Revolutionary Road ... or perhaps, a massage night together at the spa.

Although the history behind Valentine's Day remains a mystery till this day, every February 14th, chocolates, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones all across the world ... all in the name of St. Valentine ... all as a gesture to express one's LOVE.

But how real is your celebrated love? Is this person really heaven-sent for you? Are the two of you really made for each other? What then, when Valentine's Day and the romantic interludes are over? Can you see the two of you weathering every challenges that life throws at you, together and still come out tops, more deeply in love than ever. If you've ever thought of it, then you must be willing to go that extra mile to make this relationship work. Start to think, speak and act in the way you want your relationship to be for the future.

It may not be easy to do that! But you can begin by looking at your life from the outside in ... as if you're someone else, a stranger, who doesn't know you at all. Then start to think what kind of person that stranger would imagine you to be. Do you like what the stranger imagined? Do you think you are the ideal mate for your sweetheart then? If it's a resounding NO ... it's time to tune yourself to the Law of Attraction, gear up and change!

In the Law of Attraction, you are always told that "like attracts like". The more you focus on what you desire, the more you attract what you desire. Even after you had focus on yourself falling in love, attracting your ideal mate and enjoying all that lovely romantic stuff until it had all fell into places, don't just stop there! Continue to focus on your growing desire ... this time for both you and your sweetheart. Focus on strengthening your bond and deepening love for each other. Send out the right intentions for the both of you and manifest the marriage of your dreams, one that is filled with passion, unconditional love, fun, excitement etc.

By the way ... who says that married couples can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day too? Making Valentine’s Day special is important for each of you to truly enjoy the day. Set aside your time specially for each other and do something different that could be memorable to each of you. Then, it will be a day to cherish even though you are married. Don't allow the romance to go way from your lives. Make every effort to love with the same romance that you experienced when you met your sweetheart for the first time. Continue to focus on maintaining and deepening your bond and love together. A marriage can be a very happy marriage if you love each other every moment and your heartbeats increase whenever you looked at each other!

To all friends and readers, enjoy a wonderful Happy Valentine's Day!