Thursday, April 2, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Ignite The Power Of Positive Affirmations ...

Affirmations are statements of acceptance that we use to allow the manisfestation of all that we desire. Positive affirmations are powerful, positive thoughts and statements that we send out to the Universe. The Universe is infinitely abundant and our prosperity is there for the taking. All we need to do is to just reach out and accept it into our life.

Before we could create positive affirmations, we must first believe that we are in control of our destiny and hold the power to manifest our desired destiny. What we believe defines our reality. If we expect and believe that life is a struggle, then that’s what we will experience in life. Likewise, if we believe that we deserve all the good in our lives, that’s going to be how we experience life. So we need to learn to clear out all our negative thoughts. Nourish ourselves continuously with new positive and loving thoughts in order to create fresh positive affirmations.

How do we begin to create our affirmations? There are several important points we need to remember when creating affirmations:-

  1. Decide what area of our life we want to work on, then decide what we want.

  2. Use the present or past tense. No future tense. The idea is to embed into our mind that it has already happened!

  3. Stay positive and use the most positive terms possible. Never use negative terms in affirmations.

  4. Write down our affirmations. Keep them short and specific.

  5. Being repetitive and persistent helps us to embed our affirmations in our subconscious mind for habit building.

  6. Find the most suitable technique to remember our affirmations.

  7. Set a time-out period for ourselves on a daily basis to ponder, recite, remind, review or modify our affirmations.

  8. Always believe that what we state in our affirmations are happening. The more we believe, the stronger the affirmation.

Couple our belief with our positive affirmations to visualize our desired life and we’ll be on our way to creating the life we desire. We cannot deny that we've spent many years of our life with negative thinking, negative habits and negative images. Therefore, it would be unreasonable to expect instant effect from our affirmations as we begin to build our positive attitude towards life. However, if we stick determinedly to our affirmations with honesty, trust and belief, the results will definitely make a major difference to our life!


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As always it is a pleasure reading your blog posts! They are very inspiring and your post today is just what I needed to help remind of the things that I should be doing with my mind and thoughts! :)

Hi Angel, it's truly my pleasure that my posts could serve a purpose to anyone who's interested. I'm glad you're able to find positivities thru my posts. Thank you and have a wonderful day. :)