Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Law of Attraction: A Quiet Time With Yourself ...

A quiet time ... A time-out for you ... a precious moment devoted just to yourself, to be still and listen. An appointment made with yourself!

Why do you need this quiet time?
How can you make the most of the time alone with yourself?

Everyone goes through most of their lives working busily towards their ideals that are most often than not, based on the expectations of others, based on the need for approval from others or the fear of rejection. It's the primal need for survival. Amidst the instinct to survive, it is important to realised that your relationship with yourself may be lost. Therefore, a quiet time will be an attempt to dissociate yourself from others and make peace with yourself.

A quiet time is not so difficult to prioritize. Solitude is achievable when you're at home or while you're driving or after the kids are asleep or when you're in the bathroom or basically anywhere you can be alone. Alone, to connect, to hear and to understand your inner self reaching out to you.

The Law of Attraction is all about clarity of what you desire, visualisation of what you desire and a belief system within you that allows your desires to manifest. A quiet time allows you to renew your relationship with yourself, based on understanding, trust and love. To be at peace with yourself is to release yourself from the pain of the past and taking back all the waisted energy. Inner peace allows you to know yourself well enough to identify the obstacles and your true desires. Your thinking and emotions improve with uplifting ideas that will lead to calmness, contentment and appreciation. Void of any ill intentions, anger or fear, you will emanate positive energy into the Universe.


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I find that the best solitude comes when you aren't multitasking, but literally shut down, unplug and disconnect from any other tasks - it is amazing for perspective, and yet so hard to make happen. That might be why I value it beyond belief.