Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today, inside my bubble ...

There’s an ongoing heat wave here in the Klang Valley! Hot hot hot … and I’m losing sleep over it! My airconditioning and my ceiling fan are in full-blast … yet I don’t feel a thing … it’s still so sweaty at night.

Glanced over my bedside table this morning and the clock showed only 4 am. Trying to get back into my sleep, I must have got in and out of bed 10 times … each time with a new inspiration to post onto my blog. Is this insomnia good or bad???

“RAIN RAIN come again
Come again ev’ry other day
RAIN RAIN please come again
Coz I miss you every day”

This nursery rhyme has been playing in my head almost every day … it’s definitely not in its original words but the rhyme is still there of course … I wouldn’t want to sing away the rain!

There had been few occasions of drizzle and light rain, nothing to shout about. I just hope this dry spell will not turn into a water crisis again, like the one we had way back in 1998. The water levels at most of the main dams reached almost critical levels. Water rationing was also enforced right here in the capital of Kuala Lumpur! 600,000 residents affected … something which many of us, suburban Malaysians were not used to. Lorry tankers were supplying water to us as we waited impatiently with buckets, jerry cans and whatever containers we can get our hands on. At the height of the crisis, there were even desperate people who prised open fire-hydrants while a government polyclinic resorted to collecting water dripping from its air-conditioners for use in cleaning.

That’s why we need to remind ourselves everyday … Mother Nature can’t sustain the onslaughts of human indifference for long … everyone need to chip-in and help take care of MOTHER EARTH before it’s too late. There’s no denying it … I’m as guilty as you too!


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