Friday, December 25, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Reinventing Yourself ~ 10 Steps To Change Your Life

If you want to create sustainable change in your life, here are the critical tasks that will catalyze your reinvention. Are you feeling it's time to for a change? Maybe you are just looking for more satisfaction in your business or personal life. Perhaps you wish to transition to a new career, start a business, retire early or begin a whole new personal or business adventure. Reinventing yourself is not always easy, but there are ten steps that will catalyze change and bring you closer to where you want to go next.

  1. Assess where you are now. Routinely use self-assessments to gain greater awareness of where you are now. Assess your current strengths. What needs are going unanswered and talents left unappreciated? What does a typical day look like for you? What would you like your typical day to look like? Consider how much of your day is spent doing things that satisfy you spiritually, emotionally and materially. What is missing? How do you want to reinvent yourself?

  2. Take a first cut at what you think you want and what you think your values/needs are. What matters most to you? What do you want and what is your intention? Why do you want what you want? Is your intention fully connected to your values? Are you seeking a change that will bring coherency to your life? If you achieve what you think you want, will you be living and expressing your core values?

  3. Test and research your dream. Okay, so you think you want to start you own advertising agency or leap to another firm or perhaps to go back to school and open a country inn. Well, before you do anything, step into that new world you are seeking by interviewing people who are doing what you think you want to do: attend conferences, spend a day in the life of , and- see how it feels, smells and tastes. Log your reactions, mull over them, dream about them. Journal about what you discover. Investigate this new possible career, business, or venue thoroughly - exploring the negatives as well as the positives.

  4. Use over-due-diligence as you plan ahead. Be brutally honest with yourself: Do you really need a new professional incarnation, or are you just looking for an escape from other problems in your life? If it's a quick fix or an escape, then pinpoint what you are trying to run from-or it's possible you simply need a break. That's really okay, but don't fool yourself into thinking that it's a true transition. Consider a vacation of some other ways to re-energize. Maybe that's all you need instead of a life radically different from the one you are living now.

  5. Investigate options that are non-work related. All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull...and even a little down...and certainly tired out. Many of us work so hard that we forget to treat ourselves to avenues of expression and play, much less physical wellness. Look for activities that are social and fun and meet your evolving values needs. Try hiking a new trail or playing on a new challenging golf course to volunteering. Perhaps just going out dancing or taking a painting or film writing class is what you need. Can you fulfill your longing for change through social outlets? Perhaps you need reinvention in the social -not just the professional--sphere.

  6. Map this against what you think you want. Once you have done your research and know your reinvention is not a temporary escape, but truly your next step, then it is time to revisit #2 above. Do a second cut and dig even deeper. This time include a re-examination of what you need and want in tangible terms as well. This would be the time to get outside help to get the pieces into place for fully reinventing your life. For some, it may mean radical shifts in personal --as well as professional-life, so commit to the next phase, and know you will need support to do so: a friend, a coach, a therapist, a mentor. Possibly all.

  7. Review what you have discovered so far. Look at how this lays out in terms of all the levels of your life. Make sure to include all sectors of your world. Remember to incorporate what you got from non-work related ideas and needs. Will the reinvention be complete with adjustment only in your work life, or do other shifts need to be made? How are your relationships: Are they all "10's"? Are you finding outlets to express who you are outside of the professional context? What are the next steps with work, personal life, legacy building, spiritual and emotional development? Look at all the pieces and see where you need to create new possibilities.

  8. Commit to change. As you look at all the pieces, commit to shift, and begin to formulate your plan. Journal on a daily basis to track your progress. Log your reactions, challenges, and concerns. Once you commit to catalyzing change in your life, you may be surprised by how quickly things move. Be ready to be flexible and have your dreams answered. Making meaningful transition requires both meaningful action and meaningful self-reflection. Are you really willing, ready, and dedicated to this new life? If so, go for it...and make it happen. Be sure you do not expect yourself to do everything alone. Get the support you need.

  9. Take action, show up...and trust, trust, trust. Making shifts is always anxiety-making but don't let that stop you. Remember you are implementing a well-examined game plan. So take a deep breath, stay focused and open to new information. Now start networking in ways that will make your professional (and social) goals and dreams (new or renewed), come true. Know that you've done your planning so barring an unforeseen act of G-o-d, you are well prepared to go!

  10. Continue to research, meet people, take the risks that will get you to what's next. Be prepared to feel uncertain at times, and trust, trust, trust. You have come this far, and you know what you are doing is right although at times, it may not feel that way. Reinventing yourself is always challenging. That is why it is essential to cultivate faith in your process. If you are spiritual person, draw upon Source; if not, focus on the power of your thoughts. And always keep in mind the critical importance of a balanced perspective.

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