Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Bubble: All My Bags Are Pack!

The late John Denver sang;

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go ...
I'm standing here outside my door ...
The taxi's waiting he's blowing his horn ...
So kiss me and smile for me ..."

Yucks! So terribly mushy!! Hey, I going for a long deserving holiday ... not saying bye-bye to anyone or suffering from some forsaken love or something. I don't know why every time just before we pack-off for our holiday, I will have this tune running in my head.

Could I be really running away? How can I when dear old hubby is following me and my son's the lamp-post!

Last minute post before I hop onto my friend, Rajan's taxi to head for the airport. My flight's leaving at 5.00pm but we've got to be there 2 hours' ahead and it's a 45 minutes ride to the airport.

YIPPEE!!! Bali here I come!! I'm getting more and more excited!


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