Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Bubble: Hello Bali ... I'm Back!

Hello Bali! I'm back!! We're back!!!

"I visited you 5 years' ago and left my heart here with you, full of wishful thoughts of growing old with you. Now I'm back to see you again."

Flight was delayed for an hour ... so we touched down safely about 9.15pm yesterday. It was congested at the airport with a number of flights arriving at the same time as ours. Immigration clearance was a long wait and so was the queue for the taxis. We decided to walk over to the domestic terminal and luckily, there was no queue at all. Else, we would have reached our hotel only at midnight.

Surprisingly the traffic was still heavy with several congestions along the way. Our taxi driver had to divert through several shortcuts which he aptly named 'jalan pintas' then 'jalan tikus' and the last one was 'jalan gajah' ... very amusing descriptions. Our hotel was about 8km's drive from the airport, Puri Duyung in Seminyak. I was alittle taken aback to find the hotel abit hidden to the side of a large nightspot cum restaurant, The Red Room. The entrance is just a single door and the reception's nothing to shout about either. A plus point is that the swimming pools is right at our doorstep ... anyway, I don't think I dare to swim in it. After their cleaning this morning, I've yet to see anyone swimming in it! The room's large enough for 3 of us but again below expectation ... frankly, it's rundown. Well, what to do ... by the time Ray decided to book the hotel room for our trip in October, most of our preferred choices were already fully booked or we couldn't get a straight-stretched stay for 10 days.

Unlike our previous holidays, we have not planned up anything for this holiday ... no sightseeing, nothing to shop for except to get new tattoos including for Nick and no food hunting either ... we intend to just lay back and relax. That's why it's call FREE & EASY ... we'll just do whatever that comes to mind.

Been trying to access the hotel's wifi since yesterday night. Finally, after exactly 24 hours in Bali, what an elation! I hope I'll be able to continue with more posts while I'm here in Bali ... hot from the oven, so to say.



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Ya, lay back & refresh/recharge/revitalize yourselves for the year of the TIGER. Some Balinese massage will help. Ray getting another tatoo?? Have a great fun time.

Hey YB, nice to hear from you. Yeah, we're looking around to get new tattoos for all 3 of us ... a new one for Nick.