Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Bubble: What's Happening In Bali???

3 days, 4 days, 5 days and it's already the 6th day into our holiday in Bali ... just laid-back, lazing through the days ... hibernating in complete laziness or piling on some pounds (I hope not ...) from the utter insatiable hunger all day long or burning off those calories by absorbing some sights here and there.

Been trying to update some activities for the past few days but the broadband here is pathetically unstable ... so here's some belated pics of what we've been upto so far:-

Our Home Away From Home ... Puri Duyung, a small cozy but kinda rundown hotel located in Jalan Abimanyu, Seminyak where it's full of hearty party with various famous designer boutiques, shops, stylish cafes, fine restaurants and bars. Only 20 minutes drive from Bali's international airport, about 5 minutes drive to central Kuta and 5 minutes walk to the beach.

Scouting For Souveniors ... Not to forget our family and friends while in Bali.

Insatiable Hunger ... No intention to scout for food but the arrays of food just seemed to stare at us from every corner, begging for our attention ... gluttony was the best of us, we missed some shots of our 'makan-makan' spree until the meals were over.

Broadband kinda getting slower and slower. These will have to do for now. Coming up next, I'll post more of our pics absorbing the sights around town ...


4 Bubbles:

Hey Wenny! :D

I enjoyed your slide shows with all the pics. So nice, hehe. I wanna go there now.. so cold here >_<

Aiyah!!! Makan and Scenery only ah? Go to the beach and show some skin-lah.

Wenny..... i want the food..... the crab.....

You make me want to visit Bali again!! Anyways, just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year. Have a blast in the year ahead!