Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Bubble: Broken People

I love reading the Sunday paper. It is thicker than any other days of the week and there are a number of columnists offering articles on lifestyles, health, parenting or self-development that are of good read.

Last Sunday, there was an interesting article written by A. Asohan on 'Stray Thoughts' regarding people who have been hurt, abused or betrayed but had never recovered from their emotional ordeal. He called them "Broken People" who goes through life seemingly normal, fully functional members of the society but with a broken piece inside them.

It immediately brought to my mind, Jane. The last time I shared about her, she was contemplating a divorce from her husband. Sadly, I realised how well she fitted into this group of "Broken People". Her husband's infidelity had created a flaw within her and she seems likely to crumble any time.

The writer may be right to believe that positive thinking does not necessarily work for everyone, which is why that child abuse victim is doing the same to his children, or that US postal worker who finally flipped out with a fully loaded automatic rifle, or that tortured soul who finally decides to end it all. But if positive thinking does not begin to work for most, I fear there will be more tragedies waiting to happen.

Yes, there are many "broken people' out there continually nursing their pain, unaware that help is just an out-reach of their arm or even where and how to seek help. Are we to sit by the sidewalk and watch them self-explode?

Luckily, Jane knew how to reach out for a shoulder to cry on, for a listening ear to pour her heart out. Yet the broken vow in her marriage continues to haunt her. I can't sit by the fence and watch her self-destruct. As a caring friend, I must continue to reach out into her inner-self. That's why positive thinking shall keep us afloat together ... buying time because we must believe that time does heal all wounds.

A Tip: A true friend do not judge but tries to understand and sympathize, giving their time to listen, offer practical support, share intimacies and bring joy. Be a friend before you gain a friend.

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