Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Bubble: Can I Admonish Myself?

My resolution no. 9: Attend mass every weekend.

Now, how hard is it to observe this resolution if we've been diligently attending Sunday mass in the past. That was till September last year though, we've even missed Christmas midnight mass. Tsk tsk tsk ... just because wewent on a holiday to Bali.

It's now the 4th Sunday of the 1st month of 2010 and I've yet to attend any mass ... not any one of us. So what excuse do we have now? There's no holiday, no weekend work or any running races whatever. What's the excuse?! This is just plain laziness!!!

Does it help to admonish myself? Will I allow myself (and Ray, and Nick) to repeat the same weakness again next weekend?  We shall see about that!

You are the only one that creates your reality

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hmm... looks like i'm not the only one that is plain lazy. lazy on running as well, he he he. From Lynn

You can say that again, Dearest Lynn. "Sudah lama tak nampak batang hidung!" ... LOL!

Jom lari bersama-sama ... see you on Wed Nite Run at the usual spot?

Arrived here via blogcatalog.
Good luck with your resolutions.

I enjoy the feeling I get in church, but God is everywhere--even my house! LOL, so our place of worship can be flexible. I hope that's not a cop out on my part!

Hahaha ... it's true you know. That's what I used to tell everyone but end of the day, I believe we will be more disciplined to God's will if we attend church.

Hope I don't sound preachy ... hehehe