Thursday, January 28, 2010



I've been having a problem getting out of bed in the mornings of late. This was never a problem before until quite recently. I'd been blaming it on my lack of enthusiasm to go to work but looks like the culprit is right under my nose and I've never even gave it a second thought.

Finally ... finally ... I finally discovered a rational behind it. It's because of hubby ... RAY!!! 

You see, sharing a kingsize bed with Ray means sharing a kingsize comforter (blanket) with him too.   Nope don't let your mind side-track anywhere ...

But Ray's such a bad sleeper. To think that this old man will outgrow it as he aged is beyond expectation. Worst still, he's totally oblivious of his nightly behavior! Whenever he toss-and-turn during the night, he tends to roll himself up inside the comforter like a 'sushi', snatching my side along. I'll be jerked awake and there goes my deep slumber. After a few 'kungfu' routines ... kick slap and pinch ...  to get back my side of the comforter, it'll probably be another hour before I get to fall asleep again.

Imagine there's a repetition of this in one night ... SLEEP WITH EYES WIDE-OPENED!!!  

Believe me, I really need a GIANT SAFETY PIN ... to pin the comforter on me ... at least my side of it!

You are the only one that creates your reality

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Lily, then I will have to fold 2 blankets every morning! You know MEN! Hubby don't do blankets in the morning becoz according this old man ... "why bother, when you sleep tonight, it's messed up again" ... you see what I mean.

Haha, my wife does the same thing. She tucks the covers under her arm and then rolls over, away from me. I've learned to hold onto the blankets until she is sound asleep, then she stops twisting.

Hahaha!!! Looks like every couple has a bed-room story to tell.

This is so cute! Steven does that too! Only consolation is, I can go back to sleep quite easily.

You know, sometimes, I only see the pillow & bolster and blanket... err... where is he? (These things all piled atop of him!!)

Hahaha!!! Luckily he's under the pile and not elsewhere! It's funny why we women are willing to put up with their habits.