Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Bubble: My YES Resolution For 2010

Last year I almost made it ... I almost met all the resolutions I've set out to accomplish in an attempt to live and let live my life with alittle help from the Universe ... thru the Law of Attraction, that is.

I may not be the ideal lover, wife and mother or the sought after best friend or the exemplary employee in the office or the trusted colleague at work ... but I believe I've made myself a better and happier person by leaps, according to my own standard, my own terms, my own expectations ... YES, just for Me! 

For 2010, I will continue from where I've not yet succeeded last year while my foremost resolution for the year shall be to keep my resolutions simple ... so long as not to outdo myself and achieve nothing at the end. Importantly, I shall steadfastly live by this rule;


So, how hard is it going to be, to get from here to;
  • Be MYSELF!
  • Smile more every day and be outgoing.
  • Start healthy cooking at home.
  • Overcome my sweet-tooth temptations.
  • Stop exercising out of obligation but do it because I'm passionate.
  • Target weightloss at no less than 5kg.
  • Increase my running mileage to 21km.
  • Improve my relationship with my Nikon D5000.
  • Attend mass every weekend.
  • Pray for myself and others.
  • Be less of a mother and wife, rather their best friend ever.
  • Stop confining my life within a budget.
  • Have girly time-outs with my girlfriends.
  • Enjoy 2010 and have loads of fun.
  • RETIRE!!!
There is no definite order for me to attain these resolutions but I'm sure looking forward to achieving the last one soon ... with a flick of the fingers???

Dear friends and fellow bloggers, whichever resolutions you chose for the year, I truly hope it will be very rewarding for you by the end of the year. Sure would love to hear about yours in my comments box. 

You are the only one that creates your reality

4 Bubbles:

I like your realistic resolutions.

You are still young, lady. Why wanna retire so fast? But having said that, I wanna retire in 2010 too.


Thank you very much for the compliment, Shingo-T.


Hey Wenny :)

Here's the tiny url for you, hehe. Copy and save: Sorry I forgot, but I know you'll forgive me.

And I agree with Shingo, you're so young, active and vital. That's most important :)

Hey Lil'Bro, thanks for the tiny.url ... t'was nothing to forgive in the first place ... you're still my Lil'Bro from Europe!

You're going to Taiwan soon. Is Malaysia in your 2010 travel itinerary?