Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Bubble: We Are All God's Creation!

Since last Friday, 8 churches had become the victims of arson attempts, following a High Court ruling on 31 Dec 2009 that the Catholic weekly Herald has the constitutional rights to use the word ‘Allah’ to describe God in its Malay-language edition.

It is so sad that in this modern day and time, where new generations have become more learned and cognizant of the different fabrics of life existing in all parts of the world, we are still forced to draw a line that differentiates us from one another in terms of our race, religion and ethnicity.

Time is not relenting as long as Earth revolves around the Sun. We can’t turn back the clock, which is why there will be no second chances for any tragedies to the human race. So why are there still ‘small-minded’ people out there, trying to breakdown the human race into smaller pieces? Why can’t we all live as one in one huge peaceful mass? Why must we be defined by the colour of our skin, belief or culture?

I guess it’s just Man’s selfishness for power! The power to control others, yet the reality is that they are unable to even control themselves. Their greed has blinded them from thinking rationally, how detrimental their actions could bring to the community, the nation, the world, and subsequently , as the saying goes “what goes around comes around” ... life will come to bite them back.

God created everyone equal but in different packages. We may look different, carry names that may sound funny to others or pray in different ways that may be odd to others , we are still God’s creation all the same.

So, who gave anyone the right to judge, abuse, marginalise or frown upon God’s creation? What will become of our future generations when there are ‘small-minded’ people out to destroy the goodness of NOW?

Malaysians! Let us spare some gratitude for what our fore-fathers have left behind for us, the growth we have experienced, the peace and stability we have enjoyed, the friends we have made and the family we love. Let’s UNITE and PRESERVE whatever goodness that’s still left today for our children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren, our great great-grandchildren ...

You are the only one that creates your reality

2 Bubbles:

Yeah.. I also feel sad for what happened. Hope there's a better future for us..

I hope we people can live happily without any hatred feeling towards each other.

Yes, Nassie. Everyone need to let go of their selfishness and have some compassion for their fellow men. Else, the sufferings not only continues but will become worst!

Thanks for dropping by, Nassie. Happy New Year!