Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Bubble: We're Home Again!

Didn't sleep at all last night. Since it was our last night in Bali and the fact that we had to check-out from the hotel at such godly hour of 3am, I just couldn't get myself to shut-down. Ray snored away while Nick watched some late-night TV.

I tweedled with my blog till 2.30am, uploaded as much pics as I could from our holiday and grab a light early-morn grub and off we scoot to the airport. Wow! The roads were deserted which allowed us to reach like in no more than 15 minutes ... we ended at a deserted Ngurah Rai International Airport where manning booths weren't even open yet! Slow and steady, a queue began to build up. Upon full function, we noticed that security was very tight, what with an earlier caution send out by the Governor of Bali of an anticipated terrorist attack in Bali during the new year. Thank God nothing untoward of such nature came to be!

After all the customs check and formalities, we were timely on board and on our way and t'was ... BYE BYE BALI! Perhaps, see you again in 5 years? 2 years or sooner? Maybe ... after all I intend to have one more tattoo on my arm ... a "Yin Yang" symbol since I've just gotten a "Mystic Knot" tattoo.

Well, we reached Kuala Lumpur alittle before 9am and were home by 10.45am ... we had a fast taxi driver in an old rackety cab. As promised, here's some of our holiday grabs which I think should be decent enough to share ... muak muak muak!!!

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