Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Bubble: Where Is Slovenia?

I've been following Nino's blog for like some 5 or 6 months now. MKL or My Kafkaesque Life is an interest blog on many random issues, and the blogger himself is a very likeable, bold but down-to-earth kind of guy whom I've conveniently adopted as my Lil'Bro from Europe ... from Slovenia to be exact.   Where is Slovenia?  No no no ... now don't confuse yourself, if you really don't know where, just check out his post on Friday.  You'll definitely have a much clerarer picture.

So, what actually draws me to Nino?  You see ... he is one of those exceptional 'kwai lohs' who appreciates and respect things Asian and is also  comfortable exploring and living within our Asian culture.  I believe it should be apt to call him 'Mr. Buddy Asia' ... don't take this in the negative light please!  It's a compliment ... considering that I'm working with a a few 'professional kwai lohs' in my office who find it hard to accept our way of life and carry a perception that Asians are all half-witted when in reality they are the ones living inside a box.  Oops!  Digressed alittle.

Back to my original point of blog.  I was reading about Nino's budding love with a Taiwanese girl over the internet and his forthcoming trip there, probably living and working there as well while he gets to know her better.   Will she turn out to be 'THE ONE' for him?  From Slovenia to Taiwan ... that's from one corner of the world to the other ... that's far! 

Remember 'The Symposium' from the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato who  theorised that everyone has a soul-mate somewhere in this world.  That means your soul-mate need not necessarily exist in your home-turf, right?  So, how far are you willing to search the world to find 'THE ONE', who will share every living days of your life with you, for better or for worse ... until death do you part?  Lucky me, I found mine right here on my own turf.

The Universe works in funny ways, according to its own rules and time.  The Law of Attraction says, if you seek and believe, the Universe will deliver to you 'THE ONE' in good time, at the right place and at the right time.  I'm sure Nino is one who practises the Law of Attraction, just possibly he's not aware of it.  All the best to you, Nino!  I hope you'll find what you're seeking for in Taiwan.

You are the only one that creates your reality

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What can I say? Wow! You really surprised me, Wenny sis. Thank you so much. I feel humbled and appreciated by your post, such an honour to read about me in such a nice way.
I may be a believer of your Law of Attraction, yea, but I do with my own intuition. You know, she found me, I didn't look for her, I was only open enough to accept a person from wherever in this world, she just has to be the right one. I don't know, if she will be THE ONE, but I always think that everyone I give me love to is the one. But only time can tell. It will all be written in my blog, the good and the bad. :)
Thanks for your support, sis. This post made my day :-)

great blog post. He is my lil bro from europe too ;)

lol Nino is asian, he just doesnt look like it haha

You're most welcomed, Lil'Bro. To me, everyone who looks life in the eye with every ounce of positivities, they are already practising the Law of Attraction. They just termed it differently.

Looking forward to hearing more juicy news when you set foot on Taiwan.

Hey Jamaipanese, thanks for dropping by.

Looks like you are a practitioner of the Law of Attraction too! Stay focus on Japan and you will definitely set foot there, maybe even before 2011.

Hahaha ... that's a good one Manju. I agree. I think somewhere along his journey down to earth from the heavens, he got side-tracked to Slovenia.

Gosh.... somehow soo true... and strangely I wanted to cry...ahhaha cheesy huh. You've not only made me wanna read more about MKL blog but on your's too.

Thank you, Lily Riani. I am so pleased to read your comments and I am sure MKL would be equually happy too.

I look forward to hear lovey dovey stories from MKL. =p