Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

My random list of gratitude this week:

1. I've finally RETIRED!!!
2. I don't need to work for nobody no more!
3. Hubby, Ray's positive outlook towards my early retirement.
4. Family and friends who are very supportive and providing me with varied opportunities to start the new chapter in my life.
5. The FREEDOM from employment tastes so SWEET!

What are YOU grateful for this week?
Share with me ...

You are the only one that creates your reality

4 Bubbles:

Welcome to the retiree club. Believed that you could easily become a trainer with your LOA. Don't give up running, eh....

Yes YB, running is a BIG MUST, even if I don't join the races like you all. My health depends on it!

I'm so honoured to be accepted into the 'RETIREE CLUB'. Thank you!

Lily, holidays will definitely topped the list of a travelholic. :)