Monday, February 22, 2010

My Bubble: I’m Constantly Put To The Test!

I know the ME of yesteryears has slowly drifted further and further into the past and the ME today … I know she’s different … very different in comparison and I want to believe it’s for the better. I owe this to the discovery of the Law of Attraction.

I can feel the growth, I can see the improvements, I have tasted little successes. This could only mean that I’m moving in the right direction. But embracing this change is not easy. Like it or not, I’ve been knocked down so many times throughout. I AM CONSTANTLY PUT TO THE TEST and sadly, I know I’ve failed to a certain extent each time.

The most current situation would be hubby’s drunkenness the other night. Should I be furious or should I accept it’s occasional fun? Should I be ashamed or should I simply laugh along? Should I be silent or should I make my displeasure heard? Which is the right option?

I’d been furious. I’ve felt ashamed. I’ve made my displeasure felt and I’ve also made myself HEARD!!! These are my choices … right or wrong, there’s no regret. If it’s right, at least the GUILTY has heard. If it’s wrong, I’m the WISER! There’s lesson to be learnt for all.

In our individualistic quest to be the BETTER PERSON, it’s imperative that we fall over and over again, as we pick ourselves up again and again … learning life’s lessons as we piece it all together again into an improved condition … that is, if any one of us is willing to learn, improvise or change.

I’ve no regret to my reaction. I know my approach is more sedated now in comparison to my past. The fury that was once accompanied by flying objects is gone … the self-consciousness is less disconcerting and the cold silence that last weeks is but a mere 24-hour isolation. No one would have heard me then, not even the GUILTY but today, I am effectively heard.

Forgive my ludicrous nonsensical exposition ... I’M STILL LEARNING MY WAYS … a whole lot of learning to do!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

6 Bubbles:

There are no such thing called a failure, only delayed successes.

Have faith in yourself, just like we have faith in you.

By recognising your weakness and working on it, you are already doing alot better than most people out there.

Jia you! ^_^

shingo is right. by recognizing your weaknesses you're working your way up. it's better to recognize than not to, otherwise we wont know where to start. :) you'll do just fine... we're here to give you the support that you need.

Thank you so much for the encouragement and confidence, Shingo-T.

Awwwwww ... thank you so much Doc Stiletto. Appreciate your encouragement and confidence. I will certainly continue to try my best.

You're doing great. I feel bad for the people who fall, get up, fall, get up...and learn nothing from all of it. It's frustrating, especially if it happens to be people I care about.

Thank you very much for the encouragement RicAdeMus.

It's true what you said. When the people nearest to us are incapable to do that, it's not only frustrating but we also feel so HELPLESS.