Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Bubble: Lethargy!!!

I'm feeling so lethargic these 2 days.

My body aches everywhere because I just picked up my strength training again at the gym on Thursday. My heels are aching too (most likely 'plantar facsiitis')because I've been adding mileage to my running. I guess it's those extra pounding.

My nose's been runny too these 2 days and I can't seem to keep awake whenever I'm surfing the blogosphere. My mugs and mugs of thick black coffee don't seem to do the work!

ARGHHH!!! I must be coming down with the flu. I've got plenty of things I want to do. SHOOT 'EM DAMN BUGS!!!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

6 Bubbles:

Being sick can suck big time. Get well soon.

I feel like what you wrote could be my words :( I hate being sick :(

When you're sick, nothing seems to work well ... especially the BRAIN. Oh God, everything is blank inside.

Thanks you all ... Nick, Nino and Lily.

Sleep is the best medicine for flu. Haha, I just posted a similar comment in MKL's page, he's down with flu too.

Thanks Shingo-T. Yeah, I need loads of sleep.