Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Bubble: No! Drop The Grand Please!!

I happened to be the youngest born in a family of 5 siblings. Boy, boy, boy, Girl and girl (that's me!). The age gap between my sister and me is one year short of the Chinese zodiac cycle ... I am 11 years younger, born in the year of the Rabbit.

Being the youngest can be fun and carefree. I love being the youngest where I get to feign ignorance and escaped all the decision-making because I'm always seen as the greenhorn 'I don't know anything' baby-sister in the family. Of course, I do not shirk my responsibilities whenever commanded by my elder siblings.  Do as I'm told, no questions asked.  Dear old hubby also fits right into this guise perfectly. 

A big age-gap does have its disadvantages (as I see it from my point of view).  At the age of 7,  my sister made me an 'Aunt' to her daughter, Chiew Yong.  At that age, how could I have comprehend the difference.   I was happily playing doll-house with my niece.  By the time I reached 21, I was already an 'Old Auntie' to 7 nieces and nephews ... Chiew Yong, Swee Fong, Swee Nian, Linda, Jason, Millie and Aun Aun.  Thean Thean came along just as I was pregnant with Nick, making it 8.

As I watched Nick grow into a teenager, I see my nieces and nephews growing up too, graduating from universities, pursuing their respective careers and some getting married.  At the age of 34, my niece made me a 'Grand-Aunt' to her son, Miguel and 4 years' later, Duvall.  Today, I'm a 'Grand-Aunt' to 8 grand-nieces and nephews with one more on the way.   Catch some of the cute little ones below and you'll understand why I'm so proud to be an 'Aunt' to all these adorable kids, minus the 'Grand' please!  It sounds so OOOOOOLD!!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

8 Bubbles:

The order was reversed in my family. My parents had girl, girl, girl, boy, boy, boy (me). There is a 16 year gap from top to bottom.

How would you feel about being called a "great aunt"? I'm sure you are one to those little sweet hearts.

omgd look at mycayla..... i wanna pinch her face! ahahaha.

mycayla soooooo chubby just like my niece... geram wanna bite type.

The boys are so cute! Can I pinch the grand-nephews on their cheeks?

I'm the youngest in my family, o nly have an elder sis who's older by a year. So won't get into this "grand" situation soon. =p

HI RicAdeMus, 'great aunt' as in best, most loved, uno ... I'm all for it ... hahaha!!!

Hi Ejann & Lily, she's only 2 years-old and really really cute. And if you can hear her baby-talk, you'll melt to your knees!

Uncle Shingo-T, I've just pinched them for you!

Let see, I was already an 'Aunt' before I was born - my 'nephew' who calls me 'koo koo' is 3-4 years my senior! (Luckily he is on my list of 'cousin nephew' - dun see so often - imagine a guy older than me calling me that....)

Your nieces and nephews are soooooooooo adorable - the boys are all so handsome and the girls are pretty, of course mycayla is extremely cute and I love her 'pau pau' (the cheeks)