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Law Of Attraction: Attract Wealth ~ Tell Your Ego To Shut Up

Our ego likes to think everything out. It does this by using logic. A + B = C. If I do this I will get these results. Logical thinking has its benefits. It can also be limiting.

Logic dictates that we model our lives by observing precedent. We see a successful person and feel that we need to imitate them to attract wealth. So we set up a "success schedule." Maybe we can reach our goals in 5 or 10 years if this person did it in 3 years. More reasoning. More ego.

The Universe doesn't work according to timetables. It doesn't know the future or the past. The Universe lives in the present and rewards in the present based on the value which we have provided.

The Universe works according to principle and not precedent. When you obey the laws of the Universe by thinking and acting in a certain way you will receive the corresponding results. Whether you receive these results this second or 30 years from now is contingent on your obeying of Universal laws.

The Universe does not care about SEO rank or page views. It doesn't view your popularity, or influence, or how pretty your website is. It measures the value which you are providing. This value is the sum total of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. If you are consistently providing value to the Universe then you will be rewarded. Provide wealth, attract wealth.

Realize that you are always feeding something to the Universe. We tend to focus on our actions and forget the thoughts and feelings which we are offering. Don't think about the work which you've accomplished. Think about the thoughts, feelings, and work which you have provided to the Universe.

The Universe pays attention to every thought and feeling which you choose. Are you offering high energy thoughts and feelings? Happiness, joy, enthusiasm? Remember that to the Universe high energy thoughts and feelings can be as important as high energy action.

Have you ever noticed how things always seem to work out for high energy people? Their thoughts and feelings alone cause positive things to happen for them. The Universe is responding to the value which they have added to It. In order to become more aware of what you are thinking and feeling give yourself some quiet time.

Quiet time allows us to view the running dialog of the ego. Our days are filled with reasoning. Most of this reason is limiting. Reason is based on the observation of results. Results are based on precedent. So you are planning your life according to the experiences of others.

Silence this running dialog by performing meditation. Take 15 -30 minutes to sit in a quiet place. Sit with a straight back to ensure that you stay alert. Slow your breathing down and observe your thoughts. This is the ego running on what seems to be auto-pilot. Hundreds of thoughts are going on in your mind; thinking, planning, reasoning, remembering. Many of these thoughts tend to be limiting because they are the product of our ego, which is not our true, unlimited self. The more aware that you are of your thoughts the easier it will be to control your mind. You will be able to shift your attention to what you want to think about with less effort.

In this quiet state dwell on the value which you're adding to the Universe. Remember that value = thoughts, feelings, and actions. No one is more important than the other to the Universe. It appreciates high energy.

It knows that constructive action will be the result of positive thought and feelings. The ego tends to overestimate action in the value equation. We reason that we need to become an entrepreneur to attract wealth, neglecting the fact that the Universe works according to principle. We also think in terms of time. To become a millionaire means to work hard for 15 years for some people.

This is another creation of your ego which is not consistent with the inner-workings of the Universe. If we think about rich images and feel rich then the Universe will deliver wealth to us through whatever channel it sees fit whenever we are ready for it. This wealth may come from an inheritance that you were not aware of until it comes to you. You may win the lottery. It may come from somebody handing it directly to you.

Our ego will try to find every possible way though which it can be delivered but until you can quiet this reasoning your desire will never arrive. You have to let go of how it will come to you for it to ever arrive. This can be challenging but practice quieting your ego and it will become easier to do so. Your job is to add value to the Universe by choosing high energy thoughts, feelings, and actions. The Universe's job is to supply you based on the value which you have provided. Provide wealth, attract wealth. Condition yourself to attract wealth.

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