Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Bubble: The Waiter Who Can See The Future!

Just went for dinner at our usual 'Mamak Stall' ... Restoran Ameer Ehsan. While Ray had his burger for dinner, I decided to order a 'Tosai Chili Bawang Telor'. When our drinks and the 'tosai' came, as usual the waiter handed us a small chit indicating what we had ordered. Without checking it, we tucked into our food.

Having just finished our weekly night run earlier, I was extremely thirsty and ordered my second drink. While waiting for the new cup of iced 'teh halia', I picked up a handful of peanuts from their counter. Take my word, it was just a handful ... how much would it cost? At RM1.00, wouldn't it be abit too exorbitant?  Never mind that, when the waiter served my new cup of drink, he added the additional order to the chit. Out of curiosity, I decided to see what he had written.

I was surprised! Initial order was only for 3 items but there were 4 items written before the addition of my new cup of drink at the end. First item was 'Tosai' followed by an unknown item, then one 'teh tarik', one iced 'teh halia' and of course, the last item was my additional iced 'teh halia'. Oh by the way, there's no indication of the peanuts before or after my new cup of iced 'teh halia'.

I called the waiter over to clarify the second 'unknown item' but was flustered by him instead. He coolly claimed the second item was for my handful of peanuts. Huh? How could it be the peanuts when I had only taken them after I ordered my second drink ... like half-an-hour later. I protested but what's the point arguing with a foreign worker who can't fully understand or pretends not to understand English and Bahasa Malaysia.

This is surely a first! A waiter who sees the future! He can list down the peanuts way before I had any inkling about taking it in the first place. Oooooo ... looking to hit the $$$ Jackpot? Should check him out!

My word of advice ... if you ever decide to pop into this 'Mamak Stall' in my neighborhood of Kota Kemuning, please do take the time to check your bill before you pay. It might just be their tactic to charge more by adding unnoticeable amounts here and there.

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2 Bubbles:

What a scam! They shouldn't charge for peanuts anyway.

There is a burger place in DC called Five Guys--the burgers and fries are great. I don't go often. But when I do I end up eating a lot of peanuts. They have a huge box of them sitting out for customers to take at no charge. They are the best--perfectly browned and salted in the shell. So while we wait for our order, we sit, talk, and shell peanuts. The peanuts are so good I mostly listen! LOL.

Have a good day!

LOL! What a moron! This is one reason why I ALWAYS check my bills cos there were many a times I couldn't account for certain items on my bill.