Friday, April 30, 2010

My Bubble: Bowie The Cowardly Dog!

I only went out like 3 hours during which it rained heavily with thunder rumbling and lightning flashes. When I arrived home, I could hear Bowie barking away and it sounded quite distant. I thought he's probably cowering in the kitchen or the upstairs hall since I've closed all the room doors.

Bowie did not run to me when I called. So I thought he was again displaying his displeasure for being left alone. I noticed he had pooed and went about cleaning up while calling out to him. Funny ... no show.

He was not anywhere downstairs so I went up. I was horrified.  LOOK!!!

How he could have made it up there is anyone's guess. He must have gone out of his mind when he heard the continuous thunder earlier to achieve such a feat. However he managed to do it, his drool was raining all over my desktop. ARGHHH! Another round of cleaning. Lucky thing he did not jump down until I rescued him.

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My Bubble: Bowie's Contagious!

Lethargy!!! I don't know why ... I hope the flu bug is not back again.

I just don't feel the energy. Maybe it's Bowie ... he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps the whole day. He must be rubbing off on me!  

I suspect Bowie's a very old dog, looking at his lack of energy. I intend to send him to the vet sometime soon. Then, we'll know his true age and health. For the moment, he's a gem since he doesn't runaround and make messes. He doesn't simply pee or poo around. He obeys instructions very well.  He's definitely been fully house-broken by his owner.

Bowie loves to go out for a drive. The moment he sees me taking the house-keys, he'll be the first to rush to the door. Open the car door and he'll excitedly jump right in. He has a bad temper though ... he gets angry whenever I leave him alone at home. The first time I left him behind, he jumped, barked and growled at me the moment I reached home. After a good scolding from me, he dare not do it again, although he maintains his displeasure.   Like I said earlier, Bowie's an arrogant dog!

However, despite his temperament and arrogance, he's afraid of thunder.  The moment there's a slight rumble, he'll be running close, sticking to me like a leech.  Certain times, he'll even whine.  What a cowardly dog!

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Law Of Attraction: Show Me The Money!

Most of the people join adsense with a dream, to own their dream car from whatever oodles of cash they could pour into their bank accounts from this wonderful instrument. Sooner or later the reality hits them hard on their faces, when they find themselves fiddling with cents and pennies in their account for days, weeks and months to come. They write well, they do their SEO homework, brainstorm the keyword, even get good google traffic with 5000 page views a day. But, still just decimal amounts get added to their account, and they have to wait for months or rather years to get their first adsense check.

Law of attraction states that the more we intend something, the more it comes into our lives. "Like attracts like". And the same can be applied in your adsense revenue generation as well. My point is that, there is no harm in trying something, which could be fun, won't take much of your time or patience or investment, and can even prove to be fruitful to attract wealth,if it works well. Let us look into some easy to do exercise that can help you in programing your subconscious mind and facilitate you in getting your wealth beyond reason.

Following are certain law of attraction tips that can help you in getting more adsense revenue and manifesting abundance in your life:

1)  Make a specific goal:

The best way to decide on the amount of money you want to receive every month from Google adsense, is to focus on one goal you would like to achieve with the money you get. e.g. your goal can be to pay your monthly house rental from this amount, or if it is too much then decide to pay your monthly internet bill, or electricity bill with the adsense revenue. This will help you in getting micro-level knowledge and awareness about what you exactly want, and will further help you in gaining better focus.

2) Visualize:

It has been proven that 68 seconds of undivided focus and visualization can open the doors to your thought manifestation. Just visualize having received that google check in your mail box. If you are having troubles in doing this, you can just search for "Google adsense check" on google images. You will get plenty of nicely captured checks. Save the image. Alter it to have your name in it. Take a printout and just see it whenever you get time. Slowly, grasp the idea of having it with you now and enjoy the feeling of it.

3) Vision board and google adsense check:

You can make an "Adsense abundance" vision board. Just take a printout of the check you made above and stick it to a cardboard. You can also stick the image of your favorite watch or dress or anything else, you intend to buy from your adsense income. If you are having trouble in believing anything realistic from these images, I'd suggest you to take a snapshot of your adsense account earnings. Edit the "$1.67" earnings to "$167" or whatever amount you intend to get in a month. Take a printout and paste it on your vision board. Assure that the amount you've placed is realistic enough for you to believe. Now, daily before going to sleep at night and after waking up in the morning, see this vision board and intend to have these things with you at the moment.

4) Be grateful about your adsense income:

Be in an attitude of gratitude for the amount you already have in your adsense account. It doesn't matter if it is even $0.01. Just stop fussing about not making enough. I have this weird experience, which I want to share. I am an active member of Gratitudelog community, and whenever I update my gratitude list there, thanking for my adsense income, I always get some more cents added to my account. It could be a coincidence too, but I really feel great whenever I go and write my gratitude for the abundance and prosperity. Try it, you will feel the difference for sure.

5) Make a wish list of things you want to spend your goal amount on:

Once you have decided the adsense amount you want to focus on, just take pen and paper and write down the list of things you'd like to do with this additional money. It is actually fun, and a great exercise to raise your vibration. Your list can be - to buy one new dress every month from this adsense income. You can go ahead in choosing your favorite things from amazon or ebay, put them in your wishlist, add up the amount they all cost and consider them yours. Just play make-believe like this and money will surely manifest into your way.

6) Stop checking adsense account after every millisecond:

This is something, most of the people find extremely difficult to stop. Checking adsense account, every now and then can be sometimes frustrating and addicting too. I would suggest you to keep a check on it. The more frequently you check your account, the more there are chances that you have very less or probably no click in that 5 min. time frame. This may cause frustration and disappointment to some level, which you may or may not notice. By the law of attraction, this can prove quite harmful as well, since any subconscious feeling of disappointment may bar the way of riches to come to you. My idea is to make a routine or fix a time, when you want to check your adsense account. e.g. you can fix 9:00 pm every Wednesday and then 10 AM every Sunday. I am sure, this way you will feel even more delighted in getting the little or big surprises for the day.

7) Feel good and excited about what money you already have with you:

Stop lamenting about your money problems. According to positive psychology and law of abundance, this habit would repel money against you, as fast as a crow flies. Power positive thinking and try to feel excited about your present wealth. If feeling good about your current financial situation is tough for you, then check your bank statement. See the money there, feel happy that you have at least some savings with you. There are some people in this world who can't even afford to have three meals a day. Your financial freedom will make you feel better and more contented about your situation.

8) Write down a post, where you can entail the wonderful feeling of already having got your first check and about the abundance you are enjoying after having received your check. If you have trouble doing that, I'd suggest to read the success stories of people who have received the amount. This way you can get rid of the limiting beliefs like;

"I can not make it" or
"It seems impossible for me".
The success stories work as great morale boosters for me. Stay hopeful, continue with your actions and have faith.

9) Let it go:

This is probably the hardest thing you can do. But, I feel if you follow the above steps, it shouldn't be too tough to do this one. I am just asking you to say your prayer, work on your writings, do all the necessary work, believe in yourself and then just forget about it. The more you worry yourself about getting traffic, clicks and money, the more it will become a chore for you, and drain you off your energy. Therefore, it would be best if you just act, believe and let it go.

10) Make it a fun activity:

This point is a continuation to the previous one. Consider adsense to be your piggy bank, where the money keeps on getting stored, while you can have fun. Isn't it an amazing thought? The above exercises, should be done with a peaceful and playful mind. Just think about it, children can manifest their desires much better than us. Why is that so? Just because they are in the highest vibration of their thoughts. They don't have worries or anxieties to block their way to achieve what they want. Just try to be a child, make it fun and see the miracle and abundance coming your way into your adsense account, every single moment.
I hope you enjoyed reading the tips, and I feel they can be easily implemented, once you give them proper directions. If you are willing to implement these tips, I'd be eager to know if they helped or not. Best wishes!

Authored by: Calicoaster is a software engineer by profession, but she holds a passion for writing. She loves to write on topics ranging from self-help to beauty and health, fantasy, fiction, and any unusual topic, which she finds interesting. Visit her personal blog at
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Nikon: Butterfly My Butterfly

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Poem: Slow Me Down

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Bubble: Stranded At Home ...

I'm stranded at home today! Unfortunately, there goes my internet connection again since noon. Just only got it back. Lucky me, I have Bowie to keep me occupied.

Hubby's new car won't be here until tomorrow and Nick's car is still not back from the workshop since his accident last month. It's been 5 weeks now. We went to the workshop to check it out yesterday and was informed that the gearbox needed to be replaced. They are just waiting for the insurance company's adjuster to inspect and give his greenlight. Hopefully, it'll just be another week's wait for the car to be ready. As Nick was unable to thumb his usual lift to college today, he ended up driving my Kembara. So just for today, he had to ferry the kids to school, his dad to the train station and subsequently, he'd to fetch the kids back from school on his way home from college. He'll need to fetch his dad from the station soon. It's certainly a busy day for him but good that he share some responsibilities.

Meanwhile, since I was unable to access the internet, I've spent the whole day cleaning the house, washing the clothes, cooked and trying to determine Bowie's eating and toilet habits. At least now, I know he doesn't like dog biscuits but prefers rice.

He's also quite a lofty little thing ... when he doesn't like the food I served, he'll turn his back towards me. How arrogant ... spoiled dog!

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Just Laughs: Something's Wrong

Su Wong marries Lee Wong. The next year, the Wong's have a new baby.

The nurse brings over a lovely, healthy, bouncy, but definitely

Caucasian,white baby boy.

"Congratulations," says the nurse to the new parents.

"Well Mr.Wong, what will you and Mrs. Wong name the baby?"

The puzzled father looks at his new baby boy and says, "well, two

Wong's don't make a white, so I tink we name him Sum Ting Wong."

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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Bubble: A New Addition ...


We've got a new addition to the family ... a cute cuddly little thing!

Cheryl found this cutie right outside her gate this morning while she was leaving for the shop. It's a male Shih Tzu and must have strayed away from a home nearby last night as he was not that dirty. He's so easily attachable that he'd jumped straight into her car without any hesitation.

Already with 2 cats at home, she would have a handful having this cutie at home. So of all people, the next best person???

Having been so sleep deprived this past week, I was still sound asleep this morning when she called about this cuddly little cutie. I jumped straight out bed, she brought him over and I've yet to catch-up on my sleep till now. Even hubby did not managed to have his nap today, though he's on leave.

I've given him a temporary name, Bowie ... this name kinda just popped into my mind.  Well, it's better than to refer to him as just 'doggie'.   Surprisingly, he seemed to respond to the name. We took Bowie to the pet shop for a basic grooming and bought some dog food for him too. Already we're busted by RM70 today and we don't know when the owner will be coming to look for him. We'll care for Bowie permanently should no one turn-up to claim him.

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Affirmation: Simplicity

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gratitude: Recurring Acknowledgement

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My Bubble: Sleep Deprivation ...

When I started on this post, it was Saturday night at 11.41pm. Dear friends, by the time you read this I'm already blurried eyed, half-asleep on my way outstation ... destination: BIDOR, a small town about one-and-half hours' away from where I'm staying. Whatever for??? It's BIDOR HALF-MARATHON ... GOSH, I have to wake up at 3.15am Sunday morning ... that's 3 hours' time and I've yet to leave the blogosphere!

I've been sleep deprived since last Saturday night! All becoz of the unreliable internet connection this past one week. I'll try to squeeze in as much blogging and reading others' blogs as possible whenever there's an intermittent connection, even when it's at 3.00am in the morning. I'm not the kind to take naps in the day and with only few hours' shut-eye during the nights, no wonder my brain's as delayed to broadcast as my blog!

I'd better forced myself to said "nightie nite nite" now. Else I won't be sleeping at all. Then I'll be sleep deprived for 24 hours by Sunday night!

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Bubble: I'm A Homeless Woman ...

When the property value is on the rise, t'was an advantage for us. But looks like I may become a homeless woman soon ... along with my 2 heroes. With the rising property value in my neighborhood, most property owners prefer to sell their home than renting it out.

We've been house-hunting since last week for a home to rent since our new condominium will only be ready in 3 years' time.  We've called several property agents and yet, it's ZILCH!!!

We finally found one just now but that's still not firm since the property agent portrayed the owner to be alittle bit particular. Being a lessor myself, I do understand the owner's apprehension when choosing a tenant.

Aiya, what's there to worry about us? There's only 3 of us, all adults and we're definitely conscientious enough to maintain the house for the owner. If not, how could we have sold our own home in the first place? Hmmmmmm, if only the owner knows.

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What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

My random list of gratitude this week:

1. Been a hectic week again ferrying everyone around especially since we are temporarily down to one car this past week. But I'm grateful everything is going smoothly without any hitch.

2. Good friends for their generosity when my internet connection failed me.

3. Nick's recover fully from his fever while Ray and myself is still down with mild coughing.

How's your week dear friends?

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Friday, April 23, 2010

My Bubble: DOWNSIZING ...

I am DOWNSIZING! How I wish I could downsize my physique as easily but no ... nope, it's not my body size. I'm actually downsizing materialistically.

It all started when I decided to opt for my long awaited early retirement. By doing so, I actually downsized the family spending power quite a fair bit.

Then, hubby and I decided to downsize our home too, figuring that we aren't getting any younger, we won't be needing so much space for ourselves and when Nick decides to leaves the coop, there'll only be hubby and myself left in the house. We would be doing ourselves a big favour by spending less time on housekeeping and more time for leisure. So we've sold our home and gotten a condominium instead, since we're attracted to the resort living style. Thank God, the market value of landed property in my neighborhood has risen by about 25% since the past year.

Currently I am contemplating to give away some of my furnitures, electrical items and even clothes ... working clothes actually since I'm retired, I prefer and love my casual mode nowadays. Perhaps, by the time I move into my new place, I can look forward to new furnishings. I intend to have a simple contemporary decor with minimalistic furnishings though ... minimal housekeeping remains my top priority!

Hubby just sold his much loved Mitsubishi Lancer GT too. We've only had the car for 2 years now but as much as we loved the car, he has decided to let it go as well. It's just too stressful to keep it. The anxieties that comes with it is just too much ... when we're on the road, we worry about the reckless drivers and bikers ... when at the carpark, we worry about people parking too close or the parking lot is too secluded or stolen accessories and on and on and on. We've read and heard too much of such incidences to really enjoy driving the car ... imagine it's not even a Mercedes or a Ferrari yet. In the end, the car just stayed home while we go around in my trusty 10-year-old Perodua Kembara. Moreover, hubby's been recently transferred right into the heart of a jam-packed city centre which means public transport becomes the better option. It's been almost a month now, and we're still waiting for our new cheaper and smaller locally made car, a Proton Saga BLM. Latest delivery we've been told is next week.

Much earlier, hubby had also sold off one of our 2 Merida bikes. Aside from barely having the time to train with them, our new condominium wouldn't have the space to accommodate 2 bikes. So reluctantly, off goes one and the other is merely buying time due to sentimentality.

Each day, a simplistic outlook seemed to have taken me over and there's this prevailing sense of relief and joy. Again I must attest that the Law of Attraction works for me. I am so grateful for the various forms of abundance ... peace and happiness, health, time, friends, even the little little wealth that has arrived at my doorstep. My leaving the rat-race to embrace retirement has certainly done wonders ... I think not only for myself but for the whole family too.

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

Law Of Attraction: The 7 Amazing Discoveries

Since I realised the Law of Attraction is working all the time and that whatever I'm focused on will be magnetised, I've been developing the following principles to remind myself, and re-programming the habitual negative thinking that was attracting more of what I didn't want.

Here's the 7 amazing discoveries:-

1. Choose what you want and be specific. There are only two subjects, the having of what you want, and the lack of having it, e.g. poverty is a lack of money, being abundant is the having of money.

2. Leave the timing of your manifestation up to the Universe. There is divine timing, where one bit has to fall into place before another. We are all part of the cosmic jigsaw and sometimes other stuff has to fall into place before what we want is manifested. Relax, be patient and trust it's happening even if you can't see it.

3. Deciding "how" you want to receive is you trying to control the outcome. You can't possibly imagine the ways the Universe could bring about what you want, so let the "how" happen without worry and pressure on yourself. Relax knowing it's being taken care of.

4. Feel the vibration of what you want. Everything in our world has a vibration. Really feel what it would be like to already have what you want. The stronger the feeling you can create within you the quicker the attraction.

5. In order to attract you have to believe you have it now. That means being in a state of positive expectancy in your physical self, notice how you stand, walk and talk. What sort of things are you saying to yourself? How your body behaves creates an empowering magnetic force, make sure it's aligned with what you want.

6. Notice the synchronicities that occur in your life, some people call them "coincidences". When they happen realise that you're attracting and being aligned with what you want. If there are opportunities to take, then take them in the moment, don't hesitate. Stop thinking and judging and follow your intuition, you don't need to know why, just follow it. The answer to "why" will become clear. Always trust and follow.

7. Support a belief in your mind and heart that says, "anything is possible". Believing this allows all manner of amazing ways for you to receive what you want and opens you up to possibilities you could never have imagined for yourself.

Bonus Discovery!

Explore the opposites, which side of the attracting line are you? Are you for or against what you want?

It's important to have fun and enjoy manifesting and not beat yourself up for not "attracting" what you want - it's sad but people do it - be your best friend or Coach and attracting what you want will be fun.

Make it easy on yourself. Anything new to us is a learning curve, ride that curve with a feeling of love and care for yourself and it will be a fantastic awakening for you. Ride it with criticism and pain and it will bring you the opposite of what you want.

Authored by:  Fay Hartwell 
Article Source:

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Nikon: A Walk In The Park

This is God's serene splendour for us. Ideally, take the time to appreciate the beauty with our loved ones. Global warming may just rob us of this gift.

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

My Bubble: A Delayed Broadcast!

Today marks the 6th day to the dot that my internet connection has died on me! Gosh, I'm so handicapped. No internet? There's no life in me!

Now my blog is suffering a delayed broadcast coz I can only access the blogosphere when I visit Cheryl's shop or wait for the intermittent connections from ISP (like now as I type) ... and I have to hurry in case the connection goes off again.

P1 Wimax sucks! They do not have the subscribers' interests in mind, only interested to make money and more money. Soon they are just the same as Streamyx. Of late, they have been so aggressively promoting their services and recruiting new subscribers ... yet there's no improvement to their infrastructure in sight. This is at the expense of loyal pioneer subscribers like me!

Looks like I have to terminate P1 Wimax and find another alternative. Nothing works without the internet and I can't possibly rely on a friend's generosity forever!

Any suggestions folks?

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Poem: I Am Who I Am Today

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Bubble: I Feel So Cheated!!!

Everyone complains about the broadband connections here. TmNet, Streamyx, Maxis, Celcom, Digi ... whichever, there's bound to be dissatisfaction. ISP used to be monopolised but these past few years, we have been allowed these few other alternatives to get connected across a now considerable borderless world. I was so fed up with Streamyx, I had subscribed to a wireless broadband service, P1 Wimax.

Up till now, when others complained about P1 Wimax, I had always come to its defence without fail. Why??? Why not,since I'm so happy with the stable connectivity whole day long for the past one year since I subscribed. Even when Nick from Anything Goes complained about them, I still stood my ground and praised their reliability.

I am so SORE with P1 Wimax now! I have been unable to connect to the internet for the last 3 days. When I finally reported to them yesterday, their online technician insisted that I continue to monitor for another 24 hours before they will forward to a higher level support. Reluctantly, I did and this morning there was still no connection ... THAT DARN BLINKING RED LIGHT!

Called them this morning again and now only my case will be forwarded to the higher level ... WHAT THE HECK! And guess what, they will call me back around 3-5 days' time depending on the queue. CAN YOU IMAGINE??!! This means I will be out-of-connection for at least a week! ONE WEEK!! What kind of technical support is this?! GOSH!!!

Right now, looks like my modem is working at full strength at Cheryl's shop.  So why is there no signal at my home just a short distance away?  Just so I can read my emails, update my blog and get this COMPLAINT off my chest, I have to move the modem out of my house?!


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Just Laughs: The Old Goat

The young couple invited their aged parson for Sunday dinner.

While they were in the kitchen preparing the meal, the minister asked their son what they were having.

"Goat," the little boy replied.

"Goat?" replied the startled man of the cloth, "Are you sure about that?"

"Yep," said the youngster. "I heard Pa say to Ma, 'Might as well have the old goat for dinner today as any other day.'"

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Affirmation: I Choose To Be Happy

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gratitude: The Essence Of Gratitude

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

What Am I Grateful For This Week ...

God's LOVE for each and everyone of us is so evident if we care to just stop and look around us to see the abundance of GIFTS that He has laid on our doorsteps. Today, I gathered another random list of my gratitude;

1. The tranquility and beauty of the neighborhood I live in, Kota Kemuning.
2. The opportunities to earn money that are aplenty and at my choosing.
3. The wealth that's flowing into my life now.
4. The forgiveness and hope that engages me more and more.
5. The contentment and fullness that fills my home at the moment.
6. Supportive friends who influenced our family life.

Each and everyone of us are God's children and He is FAIR. It is up to us to open our eyes and appreciate His GIFTS through ... GRATEFULNESS. Are you ready to see and share?

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Bubble: We Went To The PC Fair!

Of all things hubby and I did on his day off yesterday … we went to the PC Fair! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been to a trade fair. The crowd would have already been a deterrent to start with. But anyhow, we forced ourselves there since we’ve been planning for a new notebook ever since my retirement in February. Judging from all the newspaper ads, there were supposed to be some great bargains available. After almost being crushed by bargain hunters scouting from booth to booth, we managed to get a new Lenovo with Intel Core i3-330M Processor. It was a real bargain as it came with higher performance specs plus free gifts. I’m already working with it as I made this post.

It was indeed a big trade fair. Surprisingly, the trade show exhibits were not only on IT-related products but one that really stood out like a sore-thumb was a booth promoting trade show displays. It was one of the prominent trade show exhibits there and they had almost every sample under one roof; truss, trade show flooring, banner stands, directors chairs, table covers, table top display, light boxes, exhibit counters and cabinets, literature holders, booth pipe and drape. I was especially attracted to the directors chairs and the large variety of table covers on display. The selection of their table top display was kinda interesting too.  These products are also easily available through their online catalog of portable trade show exhibits.

Where were they when I needed them the last time I set up an exhibition booth for my ex-boss? I had such a tough time hunting for directors chairs. Trade shows use them for seating because logos can be silk screened onto them. And back then, the choices for table covers were pathetic. Now they come in a variety of shapes and colors and can be printed in rich colors with personalised logo.

Ahhhhhh … that’s all history … I’m so RETIRED NOW!  I'll just pass all the brochures I've collected at the booth to my ex-colleague for his immediate reference.  The last I heard, he's searching for table top displays for his coming presentation at a seminar.

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.