Friday, April 30, 2010

My Bubble: Bowie The Cowardly Dog!

I only went out like 3 hours during which it rained heavily with thunder rumbling and lightning flashes. When I arrived home, I could hear Bowie barking away and it sounded quite distant. I thought he's probably cowering in the kitchen or the upstairs hall since I've closed all the room doors.

Bowie did not run to me when I called. So I thought he was again displaying his displeasure for being left alone. I noticed he had pooed and went about cleaning up while calling out to him. Funny ... no show.

He was not anywhere downstairs so I went up. I was horrified.  LOOK!!!

How he could have made it up there is anyone's guess. He must have gone out of his mind when he heard the continuous thunder earlier to achieve such a feat. However he managed to do it, his drool was raining all over my desktop. ARGHHH! Another round of cleaning. Lucky thing he did not jump down until I rescued him.

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

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Phew! That was quite a stunt! Though he is naughty, he does look very helpless up there.

Happy cleaning....

cute doggie...hehehhe same for my cat, will hide under the bed

Oh no, two messes to clean! That's when I joke to the kids that it is time to replace Bandit with a better dog. LOL

Bandit doesn't like storms either. When it starts to thunder or just heavy rain, Bandit comes trotting into the room to be near whoever is alpha in the house at that moment.

Bowie was trying to email you to come home soon and that's where he got stuck there. tQ

Special Tribute 2U;)

Oooh , That was quite a shock to see , but made me laught also!

An Irish setter of mine used to crawl behind the TV and pee when thunder came on !

Big hugs to you Wenny , for accepting Bowie into your life so easily!


@Cheryl: Yeah, I was cleaning but the one complaining was Nick!

@Lily: Whoa, cats does it too? LOL!

@RicAdeMus: What a nice name, Bandit.

@Bananaz: LOL! Good one! Thanks for the tribute too. I'm so honoured.

@Frances: Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate it very much.