Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Bubble: I Feel So Cheated!!!

Everyone complains about the broadband connections here. TmNet, Streamyx, Maxis, Celcom, Digi ... whichever, there's bound to be dissatisfaction. ISP used to be monopolised but these past few years, we have been allowed these few other alternatives to get connected across a now considerable borderless world. I was so fed up with Streamyx, I had subscribed to a wireless broadband service, P1 Wimax.

Up till now, when others complained about P1 Wimax, I had always come to its defence without fail. Why??? Why not,since I'm so happy with the stable connectivity whole day long for the past one year since I subscribed. Even when Nick from Anything Goes complained about them, I still stood my ground and praised their reliability.

I am so SORE with P1 Wimax now! I have been unable to connect to the internet for the last 3 days. When I finally reported to them yesterday, their online technician insisted that I continue to monitor for another 24 hours before they will forward to a higher level support. Reluctantly, I did and this morning there was still no connection ... THAT DARN BLINKING RED LIGHT!

Called them this morning again and now only my case will be forwarded to the higher level ... WHAT THE HECK! And guess what, they will call me back around 3-5 days' time depending on the queue. CAN YOU IMAGINE??!! This means I will be out-of-connection for at least a week! ONE WEEK!! What kind of technical support is this?! GOSH!!!

Right now, looks like my modem is working at full strength at Cheryl's shop.  So why is there no signal at my home just a short distance away?  Just so I can read my emails, update my blog and get this COMPLAINT off my chest, I have to move the modem out of my house?!


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WENNY i had the same problem with my internet connection last year. it took a whole month for my service provider to acknowledge my "non-connectivity". based on their equipment and whatever else they have, i had strong connection. they blamed all laptops in the house as well as my router.

it took them one month to accept that something was really wrong and another week to send their technicians to change my antenna (which turned out to be the culprit)!!! and that was because i was already threatening to file a case against them.

btw, those technical excuses you got from your provider- i heard them all too.


I wish these companies had a few less salesmen and a few more service technicians. You can get anything you want before you become a customer. Afterwards, not so much! We should get rebates for everyday the systems doesn't work.

when will our service providers step up their product and service quality? all they ever care was to get as much revenue. whenever you have problem, that's your problem, not theirs. i had my fair share of dissatisfactions with streamyx. the story has no end...

anyway, you are most welcome to enjoy the aircond and the connectivity.


i heard p1 has the worst reception of all. hehehhee...

Dear Friends, thanks the comments. I'm so sorry with my late response. My internet connection is only intermittently available and really snail slow.