Friday, April 30, 2010

My Bubble: Bowie's Contagious!

Lethargy!!! I don't know why ... I hope the flu bug is not back again.

I just don't feel the energy. Maybe it's Bowie ... he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps the whole day. He must be rubbing off on me!  

I suspect Bowie's a very old dog, looking at his lack of energy. I intend to send him to the vet sometime soon. Then, we'll know his true age and health. For the moment, he's a gem since he doesn't runaround and make messes. He doesn't simply pee or poo around. He obeys instructions very well.  He's definitely been fully house-broken by his owner.

Bowie loves to go out for a drive. The moment he sees me taking the house-keys, he'll be the first to rush to the door. Open the car door and he'll excitedly jump right in. He has a bad temper though ... he gets angry whenever I leave him alone at home. The first time I left him behind, he jumped, barked and growled at me the moment I reached home. After a good scolding from me, he dare not do it again, although he maintains his displeasure.   Like I said earlier, Bowie's an arrogant dog!

However, despite his temperament and arrogance, he's afraid of thunder.  The moment there's a slight rumble, he'll be running close, sticking to me like a leech.  Certain times, he'll even whine.  What a cowardly dog!

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