Monday, April 26, 2010

My Bubble: A New Addition ...


We've got a new addition to the family ... a cute cuddly little thing!

Cheryl found this cutie right outside her gate this morning while she was leaving for the shop. It's a male Shih Tzu and must have strayed away from a home nearby last night as he was not that dirty. He's so easily attachable that he'd jumped straight into her car without any hesitation.

Already with 2 cats at home, she would have a handful having this cutie at home. So of all people, the next best person???

Having been so sleep deprived this past week, I was still sound asleep this morning when she called about this cuddly little cutie. I jumped straight out bed, she brought him over and I've yet to catch-up on my sleep till now. Even hubby did not managed to have his nap today, though he's on leave.

I've given him a temporary name, Bowie ... this name kinda just popped into my mind.  Well, it's better than to refer to him as just 'doggie'.   Surprisingly, he seemed to respond to the name. We took Bowie to the pet shop for a basic grooming and bought some dog food for him too. Already we're busted by RM70 today and we don't know when the owner will be coming to look for him. We'll care for Bowie permanently should no one turn-up to claim him.

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

4 Bubbles:

Hey, if it is pronounced "boo-we", then it is a GREAT name for a dog!

He does not look friendly in the first picture, but very sweet and happy in the others.

His name is pronounced as "bow-we" as in 'David Bowie' the famous singer.

He's actually camera-shy and wasn't too happy when I tried snapping this shot.

This fatty fatty boom boom is sooooooo adorable. Amazed by his 'friendship' Glad Bowie has got a great home with great people to stay with!

Thanks to you for thinking of us in the first place. If no one claims him, he's another testament that LOA works, right? You know I've been considering getting a dog for sometime now.