Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Bubble: Sleep Deprivation ...

When I started on this post, it was Saturday night at 11.41pm. Dear friends, by the time you read this I'm already blurried eyed, half-asleep on my way outstation ... destination: BIDOR, a small town about one-and-half hours' away from where I'm staying. Whatever for??? It's BIDOR HALF-MARATHON ... GOSH, I have to wake up at 3.15am Sunday morning ... that's 3 hours' time and I've yet to leave the blogosphere!

I've been sleep deprived since last Saturday night! All becoz of the unreliable internet connection this past one week. I'll try to squeeze in as much blogging and reading others' blogs as possible whenever there's an intermittent connection, even when it's at 3.00am in the morning. I'm not the kind to take naps in the day and with only few hours' shut-eye during the nights, no wonder my brain's as delayed to broadcast as my blog!

I'd better forced myself to said "nightie nite nite" now. Else I won't be sleeping at all. Then I'll be sleep deprived for 24 hours by Sunday night!

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

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all the best for the marathon! i'm doing marathon myself :) on the bed watching re-run of full house! hehehe

i feel bad. well, not really hehe =P

Good luck with your half marathon. Go Wenny Go! Take care you need lots of sleep and rest..tQ

NO SLEEP DEBT PLEASE!!! its bad for health and sleep debt is one thing you can "ganti"... btw, update abt the run... :D good luck!

Hey Doc, thanks but I'm not actually running the race. I'm the officially photographer for my running club so I'll be having a photo-shoot marathon instead. Kekeke!

Hey Bananaz, I'm not running but my running club members are. I am their official photographer and their marker that "finish line is just round the corner!"

You're right Lily. Memang 'sleep debt' tak boleh ganti. Just have to recover slowly but surely. Thanks!