Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Bubble: Stranded At Home ...

I'm stranded at home today! Unfortunately, there goes my internet connection again since noon. Just only got it back. Lucky me, I have Bowie to keep me occupied.

Hubby's new car won't be here until tomorrow and Nick's car is still not back from the workshop since his accident last month. It's been 5 weeks now. We went to the workshop to check it out yesterday and was informed that the gearbox needed to be replaced. They are just waiting for the insurance company's adjuster to inspect and give his greenlight. Hopefully, it'll just be another week's wait for the car to be ready. As Nick was unable to thumb his usual lift to college today, he ended up driving my Kembara. So just for today, he had to ferry the kids to school, his dad to the train station and subsequently, he'd to fetch the kids back from school on his way home from college. He'll need to fetch his dad from the station soon. It's certainly a busy day for him but good that he share some responsibilities.

Meanwhile, since I was unable to access the internet, I've spent the whole day cleaning the house, washing the clothes, cooked and trying to determine Bowie's eating and toilet habits. At least now, I know he doesn't like dog biscuits but prefers rice.

He's also quite a lofty little thing ... when he doesn't like the food I served, he'll turn his back towards me. How arrogant ... spoiled dog!

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

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Thanks Lydia for dropping by and also the recommendation. Will certainly check it out soonest.

Bowie kept you mentally and physically occupied. Bowie also kept Jeremy's mind busy - he's been thinking of 'him'.... no doubt, this 'arrogant' little thing is 'contagious'

Well, tell Jeremy that he's most welcome to pop in any time if he wants to play with Bowie.

I believe Bowie would be very happy when he brings joy and laughter to others.

I'm going to switch off my internet connection at home to see if that spurs the same activities it did for you! =)

Hahaha! That's a good one. Who knows ya? Might just work.

My oh my if the internet is not 'cut' so no cleaning, washing, cooking & then poor old Bowie got to starve haha..Think it is quite common I would do the same. The only time I take a 'break' other than showers & meals etc is when its raining & thunderstorm. Off the laptop unplug the main 3 pin plug and 'search' for outstanding things to do like ironing, housekeeping, paperworks etc. haha..~;) tQ.

We're so alike Bananaz. I'm glad you're my friend. Thank you so much!