Monday, April 12, 2010

My Bubble: Under The Weather Again?

Yup! I've been feeling under the weather again. This time, an extremely serious bout of flu, cough and sore-throat ... no thanks to hubby who came down with it since last Monday.

I've been out-of-action since Saturday and been sleeping like a pig ... I thought I'd 'OD' with all those medication from the doc. Fortunately, I've managed to feel some pickup since an hour ago, still alittle sluggish albeit.

My humble apologies to all my friends and fellow bloggers who had popped by, especially those who had posted their comments. I promise to get around to it soonest.

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6 Bubbles:

Oh Wenny, I'm so sorry you're sick. I don't know what sort of patient you are, but follow your doctor's orders!!! Sleep as much as you want to and do little things to pamper yourself if you can--my wife likes to eat popsicles when she's sick.

Feel better!

I came here from Rick's blog. Get well soon Wenny! :)

Take care my dear friend! Make sure you get well soon! Eat your vitamins! I felt so lonely today at the pondok leh....

Thanks for the advice RicAdeMus. I was really sleeping at every opportunity. I loved popsicles too whenever I fell sick during my younger days. Nowadays, no more sweet stuffs for me even if I still craved for it :(

Hi Krissy, thanks for dropping by and your sweet get well wish. I really appreciate it very much.

Sorry la my dear friend! I was trying to avoid passing this dreadful virus to anyone. So I quarantined myself at home!