Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Nikon: God's Abundance To Mankind

An awe-inspiring sunset right in my neighborhood of Kota Kemuning, the disappearing sun below the horizon. A picturesque view that reflect God's abundance to mankind, for us to enjoy without reservation. Have we ever stop to ponder what we should do in return?

Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be.

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What you are doing--be a positive force (as much as possible) for those around us. =)

Hi, what camera lens are you using for your nikon ? 18-105mm? thanks

Thanks RicAdeMus! I do hope I've contributed as much as I possibly can to people I've come into contact with.

But one thing that many of us have not done enough (me included) is the conservation of mother nature ... God's Gift.

Hi Keith, thanks for dropping by. My Nikon actually came with only a 18-55mm lens. For this sunset grab, I am using a Sigma 70-300mm lens.

Unfortunately, this is the latest it can do. Night scenery would be totally useless with this lens since it does not come with motor and VR.

nice pic and great appreciation of our creator

Thanks Lily. Have you checked out my post for Monday, 5 April 2010?