Friday, May 7, 2010

Law Of Attraction: God & The Law Of Attraction

Under the Law of Attraction, the Universe is seen as a system that works on our vibrational state and brings situations, people and things to us.

The Law of Attraction works the way that it was setup to work and just like the Law of Gravity, it operates consistently. But how do we attain the highest and most clear of vibrational states which will ensure that beautiful experiences are consistently brought back to us?

We can do this by remembering the Source of all the laws and the Universe itself, and by aligning ourselves with the Source's energy.

God is not this 'indifferent, impersonal being' only. God is everything- the ALL, the Brahman, and includes the characteristic of being 'impersonal'. In its totality, God goes beyond the dualities of male and female, dark and light, etc.

But in terms of our lives, God is a 'Personal Being' and resides as the Super Soul within the hearts of all creation. God includes male and female energy, and is also the Goddess. There is someone who is listening, acknowledging and paying great attention to what we intend, when we say something.

Our personal requests are always processed and understood and then a situation is created which is very personal to us. Our relationship with this Divinity keeps us happy, singing, and ALIVE.

The state of Brahman Bliss is the state where we attain oneness with the All and feel love for everything as it all becomes us in that moment. In this seeking for personal success, the key element is joy. And joy cannot be attained without feeling oneness with the Divine. It is called Devotion.

The Law of Attraction goes beyond religion and makes people responsible for their lives. It is scientific and allows for people of any faith to embrace it. Which is why I love teaching it and guiding people to Joy and Success.

Yet, when people apply this law they have to allow for the super intelligence of the Divine, which is not impersonal. The Divine is very personal. It is localised and lives within us, and spreads outwards to become the personality. And this localised Divine is very concerned for us, and the life that we are living. All we have to do is to develop a working relationship with this Divine.

And in times of total expansion, we become the Divine itself, and everything exists in us.

The state of Divine Love is the ultimate state of love that God incarnates (as us) to experience. This love transcends all other types of love, and includes all types of love. This state of love can be experienced when we see everything around us with the eyes of the Divine, as the Divine.

And in this state of Divine Love, we attain the highest vibration ever, and the Law of Attraction brings us back the highest vibrational experiences.

Authored by: Sugandhi Iyer Coach, Joyful Manifestation (

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