Friday, May 21, 2010

Law Of Attraction: A Spiritual Journey With LOA

I understand my current life clearly as a culmination of all my thoughts, feelings and actions I’ve had to date. Practicing the Law of Attraction is not a new concept for me. I was first introduced to God’s natural law all my life by the Bible and later reinforced by authors like Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer and Neal Donald Walsh. Simply put, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Whatever you focus most of your attention on in life is exactly what is manifested in your outward experience.

We are spiritual beings having physical experiences. It took me a while to understand that every thought, negative or positive, is a creation, a prayer to the Universe (God). Depending on the degree of focus we give these thoughts, certain things become beliefs, which either manifest positive things or severely limit our lives.

I am made in the “Image and likeness of God,” a perfect manifestation of Him. God’s entire plan for me is one of complete and total “Well Being.” When Well Being is being manifested in my life, I feel really good. When I am blocking my “Well Being,” life becomes, sad, depressing and very difficult. Both of these contrasting experiences are as a result of what I think and especially what I’ve come to feel and believe. As a spiritual being, I am constantly seeking my connection with Well Being by daily prayer and conversation with God, declaring what I desire from the Universe and checking in constantly with my feelings and emotions.

I have learned to create my life. We are in complete control of all our outward experiences. Whatever I desire from God and His Universe, I first of all have to declare it according to His natural law. We are all great at declaring, because our entire life experiences, including the ones we are having today, started as a conscious or subconscious thought. The next step that happens is that God not only acknowledges my intentions, they are all answered without exception. The next step is where it becomes tricky and where most of us have problems manifesting. This step is another natural law called The Law of Allowing.

We are all ‘vibrational’ beings, meaning that through our thoughts and actions, we are always communicating our needs to the Source from which everything flows (God). However, in order to experience our desires that God has already provided for us, we must ‘allow’ it to become a part of our physical experience. To do so, we must be in harmony with those desires. We must spend as much time as possible feeling exactly how we would if we were experiencing those desires in the here and now. The Universe will then begin to match those good feelings and send to us the people, places and things we need to manifest those experiences in our outward life.

Subsequently, as things begin to line up and we become inspired, we must take action and act on those inspirations immediately. We must not find ways and reasons to disallow our dreams. We must commit to making our desires manifest into our physical experiences as God provides them. Do not let apprehension and anxiety hold you back, God will continue to provide the way and all that you will need. Concentrate at all times on the positive end result, not the conditions that you don’t want. Energy will flow where your attention goes and the Law of Attraction will grant exactly that which you focus on and that includes the negatives. Always remain with and feel positive about the end result of what you desire in life as often as you can.

It is also very important to be grateful in life. The more we are grateful for on a daily basis, the more abundance God will supply us. Wake up every morning and before getting out of bed, give thanks with corresponding feeling for what you have. Be genuine about it. There are many things that I am grateful for…I love my life! Being grateful and happy is an inside job and no one else’s. To be happy is to be connected with God, because Well Being is your birthright. According to the author of “Conversations with God,” Neal Donald Walsh, “SATAN is Seeing Any Thing As Negative.” Therefore, make happiness your #1 priority and you will always be on the receiving end of positive God Energy.

Authored by: Dr. Susan Flowers, a Success Coach, Freelance Writer and Motivational Speaker. She is the Founder & President of Manifesting Success Network, Intl., a network of training, consulting and support teams for the Law of Attraction, Allowance & Deliberate Intent. She can be contacted by email or web site

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A happy thought is like a seed that sows positivity for all to reap.

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