Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Bubble: Frustration Hits!

Last week I thought I've found a nice little place to call HOME for the next 3 years. Ahhhhhh ... the search is over.

It's not to be!  By Monday, I'm back to square one. I've to start looking again as according to the property agent, the owner has found his tenant already. This is not the first time it has happened to me.

You see, more than a week earlier, I've similarly placed my confirmation for another house.  After the weekend, the agent came back with the same excuse ... "oh another agent has found an expatriate tenant for the owner". What's so infuriating is that the house is still vacant todate, the rental upped by 50% and other property agents are offering the same house to me ... how greedy, how unethical of these people ... whether it's the owners or the agents!

Then you have some unscrupulous property agents hogging the market. I've been checking on available houses for rent over the internet. How possible could it be that a house is listed and within the same day it's already rented out. It's not only one house, several of them seemed to have been taken like hot cakes. WOW, looks like everyone wants to rent a house and they must be queuing by the property agents' doorstep!

I don't think I'm a sourpuss but I fear that these agents are trying to create a false market for the properties in my neighborhood. No doubt it's a good move but it's double-edged for me as a property owner as well as a tenant.


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How awful!!! Sorry you're having to go through these experiences.

My wife and I once bought a new house and wanted to rent out the old one. Our agent tried to convince us to sell it instead, but he agreed to find us a tenant. Except he did not try. He was hoping if no one rented it, we would get desperate for money and agree to let him sell it--he would get a much bigger commission for selling versus renting it for us. We had to fire him and find another agent.

Precisely Rick. This is just the unethical tactics that some of these agents are up to. However we can't discount the possibilities that some owners are at fault too.

Recently I agreed to sell my house at $350k and was subsequently offered by another interested party for $352k before I had even received the earlier booking fee. I'm not one to stoop so low and reject the earlier buyer just for the additional $2k. Principle, ethics, integrity.

I just read a very excellent piece of advice the other day which says that the cure for frustration is patience!