Monday, May 10, 2010

My Bubble: I've Found One Finally!

Weeks of searching for a temporary place to called HOME is finally over ... at least for now. This time I'm more confident because the owners have given their greenlight.

Hubby said, "Why get frustrated? You shouldn't be unless you're too hard-up for the place. Not ok, we look somemore!"

Well, that's what he says when the search's over. Actually, I'm not hard-up for the place. I just want to end the search! Each time, I thought the search's over, I've got to start all over again. All the wasted trips running around to view the houses, calls made to the agents ... it's just too time consuming. It's not FUN either, unlike looking to buy your own home, that's different!

I certainly hope this time round, the search is finally over and I can look forward to the dreaded packing for the inevitable move. One small perk though that I'm more than eager is the shopping for stuffs to make the temporary place our comfortable abode for the next 3 years.

A happy thought is like a seed that sows positivity for all to reap.

5 Bubbles:

Happy moving and decorating! And make sure you post.

Congratulations! I don't mind moving boxes and other stuff, but I really dislike packing. Usually my wife packs it and I move it. =)

Hi Alice, thank you. I will surely update my move here. It's great to hear from you. Been awhile. Have a wonderful day!

Yeah Rick, I'm so much like you. I hate packing and unpacking! Feel lost every time ... just don't know where to start. :(