Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Bubble: A New Hairdo!

I've been trying to sent Bowie to this groomer in my neighborhood for the past one week but unfortunately without success. They were fully booked until today.

Voila! I've finally managed to get Bowie a new look ... a new hairdo! Sent him just before noon and only got him back just now around 7pm. Am I happy with his new hairdo? Not exactly what I had in mind but at least it will be less of hassle to groom him every morning from now onwards. It'll grow back soon anyway. Check out the difference!

I'm thinking of changing his name to "BOTAK"
which literally means 'baldie' ... kakaka!!!

Though he's not half as cute and cuddly as before, the new hairdo will be more comfortable for him with our prevailing hot and humid weather. He won't drool so much due to the heat. Yay! there'll be less hair flying around the house for now ... arghhh! that really stressed me up!

A happy thought is like a seed that sows positivity for all to reap.

2 Bubbles:

The haircut is for the best. We need to get Bandit shaved soon. I'll post a picture so Bowie won't feel so bad. =)

Looking forward to it Rick! :)