Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Bubble: Outsmart!

Dear Friends, look at this cute little doggie. What do you think lies behind that adorable exterior? That innocent look.

On Sunday evening as I was leaving home to catch Ironman 2 with dear hubby and Nick, I realised that I had not cooked rice for Bowie's dinner. He prefers rice to dog biscuits. Without a second thought, I just gave him the biscuits for dinner. It'll have to do or else, he'll be having dinner after 10pm. So far when he's truly hungry, he'll still clean-up the servings of biscuits. But this time, unexpectedly he did not touch the biscuits at all and it remained until noon yesterday. The whole morning he had seem so lethargic and refused the biscuits and water despite my coaxing. He was just not his usual self and was exceptionally stubborn. I could even hear his stomach growl several times and yet he still refused to eat.

By noon, he was beginning to get to me ... could he be sick or something? I was getting abit worried and so I decided to just serve him some rice to see his reaction. This is the first I've served him lunch. When the rice was finally ready, whiffs of the delicious pork complementing the rice drove him down the stairs in a jiffy. The bell worn round his neck was chinking continuously as he rush down the stairs. I could see his excitement over the meal as he finished it within seconds.

That's definitely a healthy dog with a voracious appetite! My my my, there's nothing wrong with him. He had me fooled!!!

Imagine a grown woman, yours truly ... got outsmart by this dog named Bowie!!!

A happy thought is like a seed that sows positivity for all to reap.

4 Bubbles:

Haha, that little manipulator!!! It's funny how dogs can figure out how to get what they want from us.

He's a good but arrogant dog. Now I'm figuring ways to outsmart him.

Bowie's tagline ~ no rice no dice. haha. tQ

Our dear pets could simply outsmart us Wenny, and your Bowie does know how to play you and Thanks God all is OK with him ;)