Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Aw, that poor pup. That poor, funny looking pup! LOL

PS - I'm sorry about your brother. He was too young. My mom was in her mid-50's.

Poor puppy. =(

Hmm... reading Ric's comment, it appears something unfortunate may have happened.

Sorry to hear that, Wenny (if I did not misinterprete it).

Oh Rick, actually my brother is much older. He was 60 when he passed away.

Hi Shingo T, thanks for the concern. It actually happened quite sometime back in 2009.

for some reason i find this relevant to me. honestly, i fee like im in a rut. Stuck in a rut might i add. fortunately, God made a way out. :D

Thank God that he showed you the way. Always believe in Him and Yourself.