Friday, June 11, 2010

Law Of Attraction: Using Cosmic Ordering To Make Your Wishes A Reality

Cosmic Ordering is based on the belief that humankind has the inherent ability to the harness the energy that is present in the universe, and use it to make things happen in the physical world. The theory is an ancient one: by releasing our energies into the universe, we can attract similar energies back to us. Depending on the nature of the energies that we send out, we will be either helped or hindered by what we get in return.

The principal that it works on is that like will attract like. Therefore, if we send out positive energies, we can expect helpful positive energies to return to us. But if we send out negative energies, we will attract only negative energies in return. In order to make our wishes come true, we need to know how to use positive energy to achieve goals. Cosmic Ordering helps us to harness the power of our wishes.

The first step is to get into a positive frame of mind. Unless you are in the correct state of mind, you will send the wrong energies out into the universe. Once you have done that, you are ready to proceed with the next step. This usually involves writing out your wish in a letter to the Cosmos. Be sure to include the time frame in which you expect your request to be answered. After you have made your wish, let it go. It is now up to the universe to make it happen.

The first few times that you do this, you should keep your requests small. As you become more familiar with how it works, and see your requests answered, you will gain the confidence to ask for larger things.

While waiting for your request to be answered, it is very important that you maintain a positive attitude. If you let doubts creep in, or start thinking negatively, the energies that you create may interfere with the fulfillment of your wish.

Most people keep a log of their requests, indicating the date and time on which they were made. Whenever a request is fulfilled, they cross it off the list, making note of the date and manner in which of its fulfillment. They find that this helps them to keep a positive attitude while waiting for their other requests to be answered. Some people find that visualization to helps them to focus on their requests, and eliminates any lingering doubts that may interfere with the process.

Cosmic Ordering may be a modern way of using the energy circulating around us in order to turn our wishes into realities, but it has roots in other, much older traditions. From China comes the belief in "chi", or energy found in all living things. But, even more ancient than the belief in "chi", is the belief in the power of prayer. So who is to say that when you call, the cosmos is not going to answer?

Authored by:  Trevor Johnaon, an Expert Author
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