Friday, June 11, 2010

My Bubble: All Gone!

The last time I went for a run was early April. With all the excuses thrown in for not running ... heel pain, backache, house-moving and blah blah blah ... it's been a 2-month hiatus! Time flies!

Feeling really really guilty (actually more so because of increased body weight), I decided to start running again since Monday. What a shame! I was panting my head off and struggling to complete only 4km. It took me 38 minutes and Tuesday, I was even slower at 40 mins.  Today, I ran again around the same pace.  Where on earth has all my stamina gone to?

I just can't believe it ... my endurance is all GONE! Now I'll have to pick up the pieces again ... ARGHHH!!!

Positive things happen to positive people.

6 Bubbles:

oh my! well at least ur starting already! i think this is a sign for me to get off my lazy butt and do something. ;D just keep doing it! not that i'm promoting Nike or some other brand.

It will return quickly Wenny! When I re-start a workout program I usually want to crawl under the bed on the 3rd day. Then I start feeling better. I know you already know that, just wanted to share that I understand and give you a little encouragement. The pounds you feel (bit no one sees) will be gone before you know it. =)

same same to do SCB ??

Thanks Nico, appreciating the encouragement. Hope you'll be moving your butt soon.

Thanks Rick. You really understand my predicament. True to your words, I've just completed 7.6km yesterday evening in the rain.

Sandy Dear, time to put on your running shoes and meet at the pondok.