Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Bubble: Ever Heard Of A 'Chicken-Dog'?

What's a dog for? As a guard-dog, a play-mate, a companion or just a plain 'good for nothing' dog?

Bowie, my lost and found dog, seems to be a pure-breed shih-tzu and so far, he does exhibits all the common characteristics of his breed. Bowie is an alert, lively little dog. Alittle playful and spunky which makes him a great play-mate. However, he sleeps alot (like 90% of his day), very greedy and makes friends too easily which makes him a lousy watch-dog. Shih-tzus are known to be courageous and also for their typically stubborn aloof streak but stubbon he may be, Bowie's far from courageous ... he's so easily frightened by the slightest thunder or loud noises. Whenever no one's home during a thunder storm, he'll run helter-skelter ... more like 'berserk' ... ending up at odd places and creating a big mess for me to clear.

Shih-tzu is supposed to mean 'Lion Dog' but I think a better alias for Bowie would be 'Chicken Dog'.

Funnily, despite his cowardly traits, Bowie can also be a nasty vengeful little doggie. Shih-tzus are known to be able to 'selectively choose to forget their training' whenever they are not in favour of our actions like when we leave him alone at home. Without fail, he will pee and poo at places he's not supposed to ... in a way to let us know he's punishing us for leaving him behind. Anyway, I'll soon show him who's the master (mistress).

Despite all his antics, Bowie does add some color of activities to an otherwise quite home. We've gotten used to him and loving him more and more.

Positive things happen to positive people.

3 Bubbles:

He looks very lovable. Our border collie is the same way when he's outside--he'll befriend anyone and even go with anyone. But when he's inside, Bandit barks and acts like a killer. People who walk by our house and hear his act would never want to come inside. But it's all an act.

sounds like your pooch is a handful! he's so cute though!!!

Our Robbie is big and people think he 's a guard dog. But he's a real manja! A change in the weather signals to him to 'misbehave'.He has many admirers from passers -by. We have to be extra carful as he scoots out of the gate given any opportunity. That's the game he plays with us!!!