Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Bubble: Home Alone!

I'm home alone! 'Lo Koong' @ hubby had to worked tonight (doing some system testing or upgrading whatnot) and won't be back till 6 in the morning. Nick's out 'yam cha' with his friends and as at now, he's still not back.

I'm left all alone at home with Bowie. Been switching the Astro channels round and round but unfortunately, there weren't any good shows for a Saturday night. Luckily, there was MJ's 30th Anniversary Celebration on 8TV. Been tossing and turning in bed for the last 2 hours but I just couldn't get any shut-eye. Tried counting sheeps but ARGHHH!!!

So, here I am ... simply making up a blog post, waiting for the clock to tick by. I know hubby and son is wide awake out there ... anyone else in my shoes right now???

Positive things happen to positive people. 

1 Bubbles:

I have trouble sleeping many nights, but can't remember the last time I was home alone at night.

I hope you were able to get some rest later.