Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Bubble: It Just Never Ends!

After all the heavy stuffs, it's the smaller and then finally the small stuffs. Almost unpacked everything. Still some things to be undone. Been going to and fro between my current abode and my house for the past few days ... still a few more items here and there. Been drilling drilling and drilling the whole day ... putting up the shelves, curtain rails, mirrors and hangers. Still a few more fixtures to put up here and there, especially in the kitchen.

Arghhh!!! It just doesn't seem to end!

Thank God Nick's been on hand to help around the house with all the heavy stuffs and things that are up high while dear old hubby's at work. A blast from the past ... I'd just remembered Nick was only a little boy of 8 when we last relocated. It was only Ray and I then doing all these stuffs. Now, we have additional muscle and driver. I'm so proud of him!

Positive things happen to positive people.

4 Bubbles:

Sounds like you're settling right in. Kids are great for free labor. I'm convinced that is why my parents had 6. =)

Great that you are settling in. Saw that you have got 90% things done? Nice 'temporary shelter' you have there. So spacious! Hahahaha..

Just a friendly reminder don't ever lose the stack of Millions $$$ in one of the box haha. Happy unpacking. tQ.