Monday, June 14, 2010

My Bubble: Redeeming Normalcy ...

Though the past 2-3 months were an excitable period, at the same time stressful and sometimes frustrating, my planned daily routines had been greatly upsetted. Some were just thrown out the window. Even my blogging has suffered!

Today I noticed the bits and pieces of normalcy becoming more and more visible.

First of all, I should thank Cheryl for running with me earlier this evening, allowing me to finish a 7.6km run ... a distance that seemed so impossible a week ago. A little more motivated now, I hope to increase the distance by end of the month ... looks like I can still hang-on to my resolution of achieving a 21km run this year (oh don't be mistaken, I am definitely NOT talking about races).

Positive things happen to positive people. 

2 Bubbles:

You're doing great Wenny!

Is the car situation back to normal?

Nope, not yet. Still uncertain when we can get back the car. Loads of red tape, that's why. Hopefully end of this week or next week latest.