Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Bubble: A Week's Interruption!

Hey! Is there any comparison at all between standing for 7 hours shooting marathoners in action as to being a runner finishing a full marathon itself? Which would have been more agonizing?

The marathon of the year, Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon is over since Sunday and yet as at today, I've yet to pound the pavement. Making matters worst, I've been stranded at home again and again (Nick's taken the car to college) ... so it's now a whole week of unburned calories! ARGHHH!!! I feel so heavy!

Tonight is the weekly nite-run again and I need a 'bulldozer' to push me around the lake!  The weather's very cloudy right this moment and bet you, if it rains later this evening ... there goes another nite-run! 

Between you and me ... I'm already jumping with joy inside.  (I don't know about you but I'm shaking my head in disgust!)

Positive things happen to positive people. 

2 Bubbles:

If one like running, it wouldn't be mentally agnising even if he jogs for 7 hours.

The similar can be said for the photographer. =p

Gosh, you photographers really take photos of EVERYTHING. Haha.

You've got a point there, Shingo T. So my unburned calories boils down to plain old laziness, you would say?