Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 Bubbles:

Most nights I have active mind syndrome (I hope that's not a real thing, I just made it up) when I'm trying to sleep. Staying active and tiring myself out helps. It would be great if I could run with you--or maybe bike while you run!

I have susupected there might be husbands claiming to be single in blogworld, but it never occurred to me the same might be true of dads. But now that you mention it, it makes sense. Well, it doesn't make sense, but it probably happens a lot.

The only reason I comment is because I like you blog, so I should be thanking you--and I do, thank you! =)

your poem speaks to me so much. i have troubles going to sleep and when i try very hard, that's when all the 'serious' stuff rush back to bother me. i <3 it nonetheless!

btw, do u know farah from ramblings of an inane mind?