Friday, July 2, 2010

Law Of Attraction:Two Sides To Every Subject, Wanted & Unwanted

Law of Attraction is at the heart of everything that is. It responds to our emotions both good and bad. It is never unfair or unjust. It responds according to the vibration each person is emitting. If we want law of attraction on our side, and WE DO, trust me on this, then we must become infinitely aware of our desires and how we are responding to them.

So lets explain this with an example. Every subject has two subjects, what is wanted and what is unwanted. So, for example, if we want a new home because our life has caused this new desire, there are two sides to this desire. There is the new home we have created in our mind that has not yet manifested and there is the home that we are living in that we know is not exactly what we want anymore. So if we desire more cupboard space, another bedroom, a beautiful view, a walk-in closet for instance, this is what we are WANTING.

Now in the meantime we are living in the home where these things are lacking. So if we want law of attraction on our side, meaning if we want the beautiful new home sooner, rather than later, here is our work. After we clarify what we want, then we must turn our undivided attention to the knowing that this new home is created and it is waiting for us to get into alignment with it. This means we must give our undivided attention to the excitement and enthusiasm of this new home. We must begin to act as if it has already arrived.

And guess what, it has arrived believe it or not, because when we ask it is always given. It is waiting for us in the wings so to speak. When we get into alignment with it, meaning the absolute knowing that it is ours and we are worthy of it and we are deserving, it must and will come forth. It is law. Circumstances and events will occur that will amaze us as we watch its unfolding.

What trips most people up however is the focus on what we do not want. So if we are annoyed and complain each time we realize how inadequate our present cupboard space is, we are literally holding back our new creation. If we have guests and they have to sleep in the living room because there is no extra bedroom and we feel upset about that, we are holding our new creation at bay.

We must find a way to be a peace with WHAT IS and at the same time turn our undivided attention to that which is WANTED. This is the key to all creation. To be at peace and content with where we are and yet excited about where we are headed, in this case into the new home.

It is a new learning for most of us because we have been so trained to focus on what we do not like about our present circumstances. Trust me, it is worth the effort to truly GET THIS, because everything we want is waiting for us. And while we are anticipating its unfolding, we can choose to have a wonderful journey along the way.

Authored by: Joanie McMahon, a business woman who is passionate about wellness for everyone. She is very interested in helping others understand the Law of Attraction and improve their emotional well-being so that all the wonderful adventures a person is wanting can come forth into their experience. Her websites are:; Article Source:

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

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I'm mad at the law of attraction today!!! We had our company picnic today--it's huge. I ran into only two people from my old office, two I didn't want to see. LOL!

Oh don't be, Rick. Cause and effect are only our own doing ... make peace with them and you'll for sure meet people you want to meet. ;)