Friday, July 23, 2010

My Bubble: Emo Time ... A Roller-coaster!

Not been feeling well for the past few days now ... nothing to be worried about. It's just the reactions from a new supplement that I'm taking for my hormone imbalance ... old age catches up.

Vertigo Reaction = Improvement Reactions = Detoxification

Anyway, feeling lethargic added with a mild headache, lightheadedness and bodyaches, I definitely don't make for good company. It's emo time ... sometimes I feel sad, sometimes angry, sometimes self-pity ... else sometimes I'm just fine. It's a roller-coaster inside!

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

2 Bubbles:

Roller-coasters are exciting, but I hope you can get off this one quickly.

My tongue is a little sore from biting it every time I visit your blog lately. =)

Hi, Wenny, Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Pop on over and have a laugh to brighten your day with Kaevin's new video and vote for it on facebook if you like it!