Monday, July 12, 2010

My Bubble: The Fever is Over!!!

It's over ... it's finally over! The World Cup Fever is finally OVERRR!!!

After so many misses, SPAIN WON 1-0 after an extra half-hour game and despite the high-handedness from Netherlands ... they were brutal! In all respect, the Dutch deserved all those yellow and red cards.

Personally, it's a relief for me ... one month of watching hubby staying up at 2.30am to catch his favourite matches ... getting to sleep only past 4.30am ... then up and ready for work by 7.00am. What kind of life ... all because of the Football Fever!

Normalcy ... yeah, welcome back, Normalcy!!

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

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I cought with fever flu last night. Took medicine and managed to sleep from 10pm to 12am. Watched the game and still awake until now. Hopefully i can maintain this level of energy till evening

yeah!!! brutal is the term, they really deserved those cards :) good thing Spain won!!! yahoo :) I supported Spain all through out since there's a Spanish blood in me :) hurray!!! 1st ever World Cup for Spain :) Viva Espana!!!!

Hope the next World Cup is at more earthly hours, Wenny. =p

Hmm... has the World Cup 2014 location been announced?

Meeza, I couldn't sleep on Saturday night until the wee hours of 4am and got up at 5am to go for the Seremban Half-Marathon. Didn't sleep at all until midnight Sunday and got up at 2am to watch the World Cup. Didn't sleep after that until midnight Monday. Now I'm a walking zombie!

I hardly watch the matches running up to the final. I only catch the final and supported Spain becoz the Dutch were very rough while majority of the handsome guys were in the Spanish team ... hahaha!

Oh Uncle Shingo T, I hope so too. I think the next World Cup has been awarded to Brazil.

I can't believe it's already over =( one day people here were all talking about the world cup, the next... before you know it, everyone's moved on to talk about baseball!

i guess that's just how it is =(

Yeah, time really flies by pretty fast. Eversince I retire, it's worst! 24hours a day is insufficient!