Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Bubble: I Was At A Masquerade Ball

As I was doing my usual rounds in and out of the blogosphere, updating on the going-ons with my blog-friends and also checking out new blogs, I managed to stumbled onto an interesting blog, Keats The Sunshine Girl. The name itself already made an interesting impression but I was more caught on with the pictures posted therein.

Keats, the blogger had posted about venetian masks and added a number of beautiful pictures of these masks. I took in most of the historical info she had written and for awhile, I pondered how wonderful it be to have one or two of my own. They are so exquisite, feminine and mysterious.

But then, when on earth am I going to use them? There’s hardly anyone I know who’s ever arranged for a masquerade party, what more a masquerade ball. I mean the kind that’s exactly like in the Venetian Carnival in Venice … complete with matching gowns and all. I’ll just have to dream on it.

Actually, dream I did! It was yesterday night or should I say, early this morning. I guessed my fantasy of a masquerade ball must’ve spilled into my dream. It was surreal but how I wished it had been a reality. I was all dolled-up in a 16th century Renaissance fashion, a gown with a cone-shaped skirt, wide sleeves and a long train. I loved that gown because it hid all my fat bulges and my waist seemed so small. On top of that, I had a beautiful Elfe mask complete with plume stick in my hand. It look exactly like the one I had checked out over at

It was so medieval. I had made a grand entry into the ballroom and was descending down a flight of stairs to the dance floor with my head held high. My face hidden behind my venetian mask, I moved with refined slow-motion and an air of aloofness, maintaining a mystery of my identity. I moved slowly across the dance floor. Feeling alittle flirty, I was about to reach for the outstretched hand of a well-dressed gentleman when …

Arghhh! That darn alarm … I woke up for crying out loud!

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

4 Bubbles:

i've been to venice few years back, the masks were all gorgeous!! i wanted to buy literally everything.

Very cool dream!!! I wish mine were that interesting.

Hey Rick, we each dreamt of something around the same time. Perhaps the next time both us dream again, we might just be in the same dream together ... hahaha!

Hey there Doc Stiletto, if I'd known you earlier, I would have ask you to get one or two for me.

Anyway, no sweat. Nowadays we can get it online.